Thursday, June 19, 2008

A topic for a Kink Conference....

If you were asked to do a workshop at a kink conference, what topic would you chose to do? Why?

Well...I have done that - spoke at conference and meetings. And I am horrible at it as I am such a nervous public speaker that the whole front row moves back for fear of me getting sick on them. So not sure I would want to do that again. But I know that if we (Master and I) were asked he would probably say yes so I would have to deal.

My very first time public speaking in the BDSM community was in 1999. It was about being living life as 24/7 slave. I wore a corset type top that laced up the front and my tits were spilling out of it and I told everyone to look at them instead of listening because I was so nervous. And everyone there would agree and several commented on it, but it is also when I got the label insane for being a slave. I had lots of you really do this 24/7 type comments. The very good thing of that night is that I met a very close friend - Moni. She came up to me after the meeting and we look at each other and knew things about each other just in the one look.

The last time I spoke it was with Master and again so damn nervous I felt like I was reading a book report instead of speaking from passion of the topic which is living life within reality.

I usually always speak about M/s relationships so if I had to speak again I am sure it would be about that.


  1. Public Speaking is really a challenge. I find once you tell the audience you're nervous and enlist them as friends instead of ome kind of judge and jury it gets much easier.

    Thanks for following up on the prompt!

  2. Cinful, Thank you for doing the prompts! :)


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