Thursday, June 30, 2005

The things you overhear at a doctor's office....

Okay yesterday I went to the doctors for a follow up visit....

While we were sitting in the adjacent pharmacy waiting for a prescription after the appointment, there was a man waiting for a woman. The woman was talking with someone there. It seemed they were trying to figure out how much her insurance was going to pay. Anyway, when they finally figured out how much she owed she came to the man and told him, he said, "You sure are becoming an expensive slave." I sat there a moment, blinked and thought did I just hear him right. Then moments later he said something else about maybe needing to replace her with another slave. She paid, but they were still waiting for the prescription to be filled, so they waited and talked. During the conversation, she called him Master several times. They talked about going some vanilla place and he stated that he might have her wear a collar. She replied, "it was up to you Master."

So there I am sitting wide eyed in our smallish town -- it wasn't that they were saying those things where I could or anyone could hear that shocked me -- it was just so strange to me that of all the places in our town that at the doctors office we would over hear others in the lifestyle. Our town does not have any bdsm community. And when I have tried to find people online in our area it has fallen through or they were not in our town but other towns around (which is fine), but I really wish we could find someone here.

Okay now color me judgmental....the people that we saw.....I knew were not "friends" they would be acquaintances, but (yes...this is me judging them from the 10 minute conversation I overheard) they could not ever be like my beloved friends in Ohio, or like our good friends over on the other side of the mountains (V & s), or even our friends in Missouri. There would not be commonalities other then the lifestyle with these people we overheard -- and I guess I want more from my friendships so we did not say anything to them.

Master and I discussed on the way home what if we heard things that made us want to get to know them better....what would we do? I mean would it be creepy that someone overhearing your conversation, introduces themselves to you. Because that is kind of how we think we would approach it -- saying, "we could not help overhearing your conversion and think we have some things in common." And have the dialog start from there.

It is one thing I miss having some friends I can be out around. So that I don't have to be careful about saying Master or Sir. That I don't have to ask very subtly and quietly for permission to use the restroom. So I don't have to be careful about all the little things that I do when around those not in the lifestyle. It would be nice to have friends here locally that we could be out too. We both agree we probably won't find anyone as good as our friends over the mountains (who are on vacation this week - V Sir & s, I hope you guys are having a great time). Our friends over there share so many, DYI, food, spirituality, and just our passion for life is so similar. We all wish we lived closer to each other.

But for now, we just have our occasional get-togethers with V & s and our vanilla friends while we search out local like-minded people here in addition.

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