Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gratitude Tuesday - P

~ P ~

Peace - Harmony without hostility and violence in the world....such a nice thought. Although I feel "we" could do better with peace, I am grateful for the peace we do have. I think with today's political climate the notion of peace seems so far away but I hope to keep close and give it hope.
Peace Museum - When I was in college a girlfriend and I knew we wouldn't be able to afford the "it" places for spring break. We wouldn't want to go there anywhere as it just wasn't us but we wanted to at least go somewhere even for a long weekend. So we went to Chicago. And one of the highlights of the trip was visiting the Peace Museum. It has some beautiful, moving exhibits and information available. So if you go to Chicago I really do suggest taking the time to visit.
Popcorn, pretzels, pickles, potato chips, peanuts, pop tarts, popper, pizza - all wonderful pms snacks lol okay all just wonderful snacks!
purple - Well it is a marvelous color and my favorite color! I am thankful for PURPLE!
pink - Well I am a girly girl and Daddy's Princess so I do like pink too! It is such a pretty color...pretty in pink!
Princess - I enjoy being Daddy's Princess and I am thankful for there are people out there that get that side and that playing and enjoying each other in that type setting!
pasta - Oh how yummy! Pasta! So many things to do with it. Thankful for all the wonderful dishes I am able to make with pasta!
peppers - I really enjoy peppers too. I put them in quite a bit of my cooking. Red peppers are my favorite the sweetness to them just is perfection! Thankful for peppers.
pillow - I enjoy pillows...pillows to lay my head on at night, pillows on the couch, my pillow that says "My Princess Sleeps Here" - fun, pretty, decoration or to sleep - they all provide comfort.
paper, pastels, paint, paste - all art supplies I need and am thankful for having as a mix media artist!
paperdolls - I loved paperdolls as a child my Grandmother would buy me sets when I stayed with her and she would cut them out with me. They provided countless hours of fun. I now have a few sets and they still give me great joy to play!


  1. Hi danae,
    Great p list. I love many of the same things, pizza, purple, popcorn, potato chips, pizza and all that. :) I also love being a princess.
    I put up a photo of me wearing the hood today just to let you know. I know you were one of the ones who wanted to see what it looked like. :)
    padme amidala

  2. I am grateful I had dinner before reading your post...I think you mentioned nearly every snack food I can find myself pigging out on! Were you hungry when your wrote this?

    Your memories of paper dolls and your Grandmother made me think of mine. I remember her giving my sister and me Betsy White paper doll sets...we loved them. I think I got the name right. Anyway, thank you for sharing that wonderful memory and your memory of the Peace Museum.

    Peace, it seems like such an obvious thing. I believe peace begins within each of us and perhaps that's why things are like they are, too many people have lost that gift.

    ciao bella~

  3. padme, there are lots of good P things! :) Lovely photo of you in the hood...yummy!

    Ceeci, I had pms! LOL truth honest truth...I actually wrote those last week when I meant to post P. But didn't get to it so I just kept it as is for this week.

    I remember the Besty White paperdolls too!

  4. Danae, I really enjoyed your G T P list. Interesting and imaginative. When the majority of people find peace in their hearts then may be the world can start hoping again.
    Warm hugs,


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