Friday, April 20, 2007

Thank you!

swan words: "danae is a calm and steady voice in the sometimes overheated blogging world. So often, I find myself nodding when she writes about the everydayness of service and slavery. Although our backgrounds and paths are quite dissimilar, our understandings quite often fall into sync. When I am most shaken by the chatter of many many "me too" voices, I find this blog a haven of reasonableness and mature thought.

Lord Spooner (danae's Master) writes a sometimes infrequent but deeply thoughtful and often challenging blog that represents one of the very few intelligent and informed outlets for Dominant voices that I have found."

We would like to thank swan over at The Heron Clan for the Thinking Blog award! She was very kind and generous with her words and the thought to give us the award. The Heron Clan blog is always one we tend to count on our must reads. It is a thinking blog also that evokes emotions and contemplation. Swan's words capture slavery in its varying degrees and we find a voice of like that often has us nodding with recognition from each side of the coin. We happy to encounter such a wonderful spirit through this realm! Thank you Swan for giving us the award!

~ Michael & danae

(With the award we are suppose to give it to 5 people who are Thinking Blogs....well there are too many to chose from but we did want to thank swan for her kind words! Thank you to the many blogs out there like The Heron Clan that constantly give us food for thought. It's blogs like these that intelligently bring emotions up while sharing their journey with the rest of us can relate to on a personal and intellectual manner. Thank you!)

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