Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Drinking Golden Wine

Old offline journal entry again...

I have had thoughts of my mouth opening up and feeling his cock...slide in and feel the hot stream of urine....shoot down my throat and swallowing as fast as I can. Feeling my heart racing and that ache between my legs grow. When I think of it I think of it different ways....sometimes desperate for it...begging him to let me drink. Other times where I don't want to and know I have to....and his hands on the side of my face....forcing me to him. Other times of drinking demurely obediently and being told I am a good girl. The other times spilling some and being slapped so hard I fall back and then kicked.

He had me play with myself...he believes things have progressed beyond suggestions. He has told me to play with myself and I did discreetly....to orgasm thinking of the very thought that I wrote above. He then said again because it took too long. His words embarrassed me but turned me on too.

So with thoughts of him pissing in my mouth...feeling the warmth of it in my mouth...to used in this way.....I masturbate again for him.

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