Saturday, May 05, 2007

Some Assembly Required

So I thought I should do a life update here as I haven't done one in a while...

The weather has been really cold and kind of is fitting my mood which I will get at end of the post. Really has been pretty busy for Master. I started some spring cleaning. I am going slow at it but I know I can get it done and maybe get some organization back that I have had lacking for a while.

I joined a yahoogroup that had been really negative. Some of the negativity has quieted down but....I just wish a few people would "quiet" down as there are still so many posts I just end up scrolling through the digests without getting much from them because when I try to read it I just see one or two people posting and frankly there is one person I would filter out if I could. I am going to hang in there though because the people I like to read....many are a part of the group and I am always for learning more from them.

I have inadvertently cut down on my diet coke. I have been drinking crystal light recently and so instead of 2 diet cokes I am drinking 1 a day. I once upon a time drank 6 to 8 of them. Master cut me down to 3 when he first took control and then when I moved here he cut it down to 2 diet cokes. I do need to get some straws though as I am having been having a strawberry or raspberry mustache a lot lately!

I got 2 pieces of mail love this week that made me smile. Thank you ladies for making me smile as it has been a hard week. I got some sad news this week so that is why it has been a hard week. My ex-husband and I had a dog and she was really our baby. And when I left him, I made the decision she would be better off with him. Anyway, I found out on Thursday night that she had to put down because she was having seizures that was leaving her unresponsive. I am really hurting because there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of her. I have a picture of her on a shelf above my bed and I love her very much. So going through a tough time right now as I remember her and miss her.


  1. Hi danae,
    I'm really sorry to hear about your dog, danae. *big hugs* I felt similar with a cat that I had which had gone to my ex-husband's. He got all three of our cat's during our divorce. And when one of them died, I felt so sad inside. I give you a hug today.
    I put up two of your Star Wars links today for Star Wars sunday. Thanks again for forwarding them to me. :) I love all the different icons.
    padme amidala

  2. danae,

    It sure is tough to lose your dog ... I know how much it hurts, they are so much part of the family.



  3. Thank you both for your words on the loss of my dog. *hugs*

  4. Danae...I am so pleased that you updated your blog. I have poked my nose in on occasion and have always enjoyed your writing. So sorry about your pooch, I have two and cannot begin to imagine them not in my life. Hope all is well with you my dear.


  5. Annella thank you for your kind comment.


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