Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gratitude Tuesday - Q

~ Q ~

quiet - I am thankful for the quiet. Lately that takes on a new meaning as my head has been pretty noisy so when it is quiet....I am very thankful. I also like the quiet of just time passing...quiet in the early morning....quiet late at night when everything is asleep... and quiet of a lake in the early morning...quiet in thy self of knowing who I am and the quiet strength of the relationship I am in.

quaint - I think of a town Master and I went our first Thanksgiving together....it was quaint & quiet. I am thankful for those type of towns...we often seem to go through them or visit them when we do our day trips.

quirky/quirks - I thankful for my quirks and quirky traits. I mean life would be pretty boring if I wasn't quirky every so often!

queue - my Netflix queue specifically. I have countless of hours of entertainment lined up on it. I am thankful that it gives me an organized list that my list making self loves!

quick - I don't think of myself as quick person. I mean I catch on fairly quick when people are teaching me something but when I think of quick...I think quick humor, wit and just intelligence. I appreciate people who have that trait.

questioning - I am thankful to think through things...and question when I don't know something or don't feel something is off or wrong.

quotes - I am quote whore when I first started this blog I used to have one quote with each post. I think I should start that again as I have files on files of quotes. They are quick little pieces of wisdom and insight.

quiche - I like quiche...it was something I was always intimidated to make and now I don't know why. I enjoy the versatility in making them also.

queer - Okay the dictionary says this is an offensive term for a homosexual man. But I have never felt it was offensive...intent. Whoopie Goldberg had a special on Bravo recently and it was all about words and intent behind words. And I can see where queer could be used as an offensive remark but for me when I say it, think it, write it...it means nothing but good things. I love the term. My intention behind the word when using it is really being out and proud. Plus it is just a fun word!

quips - again to me this goes with quick....I am not good at quips...but I admire people who can make quips just so easily that they slide off the tongue without hesitation or it seems even with much thought..it is like it was just hanging out there on the tip of the tongue ready to be said.

quest - I think of my path as a journey but of course quest and journey can mean the same thing. I think we all walk a path in search of something. And I am not different. I am thankful for the quest I am on and thankful I share this path with Master.

queenie - I am ending with this word...it has sentimental value to it. I miss the person that called me it. I haven't heard from her in a long time. She was my princess and I was her queenie. And only she has been able to call me that and it means good things behind it.


  1. You and me both...I am in awe of people who just seem to be totally gifted and equipped with quick wits and quips. My attempts generally come out sounding snarky and then they replay in my head for way too long!

    I'm a list writer too, hmm, I'd check out NetFlix if I didn't love quiet so much. No TV in my house also extends to only watching one movie about every 5-6 weeks. I watched Sofia Coppella's "Marie Antoinette" sometime in the last two weeks...I must be getting old, I thought it sucked. Kirstin Dunst dressing up as a French queen for two hours...boring, I wanted a story line, not a fashion review.

    Oops, sorry that was a bit of a ramble. Great list, danae! I really enjoy reading your Gratitude posts.

    ciao bella~

    speaking of quirks...my quirky cat is having a battle with the front door to get it open. He always wins because I always open it for him to stop the racket.

    *boy am I chatty tonight or what?*

  2. Thank you for the long chatty comment. :)

    I haven't seen Sofia Coppella's "Marie Antoinette" but had not heard good things about it.


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