Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Gratitude Tuesday - R


reading - I am thankful for being able to read and for all the amazing things to read out in the world...books, internet, newspaper..entertainment to knowledge all capture in words.

reality - I am big on reality. I like fantasy but reality and having my feet grounded in it is important to me. I am thankful for the reality I have.

rest - I like to rest. I am thankful for the opportunities to rest.

rights - I am thankful for the rights I have in the USA. In this political climate it is so very important to me to look over them, stand up for them and protect them.

rainbows - a wonderfully beautiful occurrence that always makes me stop and appreciate Mother Earth.

red - I do have a fondness for red. Especially at Christmas. I did a whole post once about red once. I am thankful for the color red.

red wine - I never really enjoyed wine until with Master. He introduced me to red wine...warm full-bodied drink to enjoy with dinner, relaxing in the tub or snuggled on the couch with Master.

rivers - small and trickling....deep and strong...again another wonder of nature...that also provides so much.

robe - I have a pale purple robe that is so warm and comfortable and I am thankful it keeps me warm when I am cold.

reflecting - The time and ability to reflect on life, family, friends, nature, the Universe.

road trip - I am thankful for the road trips I have had over the years especially those shared with Master. We have had some wonderful times on road trips. And anniversary of one road trips is coming up tomorrow. Master and I met in Cheyenne on May 9th. I was scared to cross the mountains so I would follow him home as he was taking me over in a way that would by pass most of the major mountain passes. It was the start of me moving to be with him. I arrived at the hotel with snow coming down and me in sandals and a short skirt. The only socks I had packed were of course buried deep within my car. I got a flat tire so Master was out in the snow trying to repair it enough to get to a repair shop.

romance - I am thankful for romance...I do enjoy it and I am thankful I am with someone who enjoys romance too.

rock-n-roll - Thankful for rock-n-roll as it is amazing!

rubber duckies - they are cute and fun! I am thankful for the bright cheeriness they add to our bathroom and when taking a slash in the tub.

rituals - I enjoy the process, the pleasure it gives Master and the internal feelings I get from ritual. It grounds me. I am thankful for them.

rosy red ass - In bed, I asked Master for some -R- words I could use for Gratitude Tuesday and this was one of his picks. And well I am thankful for the rosy red ass Master gives me.

rope - yay for bondage! I am thankful for the rope wrapping around my body...feel pull around my flesh....it makes me feel so good.

restraints/restrained - cuffed and restrained...no where to go....thankful for Master restraining me with restraints.

rough sex - I love the feeling of him pushing me down onto the bed...his hands grabbing my hips and shoving into me so deeply I scream. Oh yes thankful for the rough sex Master and I have....yum!


  1. You must really love red...you mentioned it three times in your post! I liked your Master's suggestion, it fit with the playfulness of your words. I could sense you relaxing and reflecting on some of the important and exciting aspects of your relationship.

    danae, I really enjoyed reading this tonight. I'm headed to bed soon and you've given me something to dream about!

    ciao bella~

  2. danae, lovely list, it tells me a lot about you, seems to me that you are one happy slave, which is great.
    Warm hugs,

  3. Ceeci and Paul thank you for your comments! It was a fun list to do! :)


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