Saturday, May 12, 2007

Suicide Blonde & Kink

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Suicide Blonde by Darcey Steinke

This book felt like it was one poetic prosing sentence after another trying to compete for the deepest navel gazing as possible. The story is dark. The story is of a girl named Jesse. She says about herself.."attracted to people who make me feel inadequate." Her lover is bisexual and obsessed over a former lover. So she is trying to find a way to keep him interested - just like her mother did with her father. The rest of the story is her deciding what she is going to do leave her boyfriend or go on with something else. One of those things is prostitution.

There is a woman named Pig in it who wants Jesse to bring her to a former female lover. Pig says, "When you love a woman, you love yourself, and it is terrible really how it seems perfectly possible to swallow the other. With a man you want to join, you want your ribs to connect like handcuffs. But with a woman if you swallow, she becomes you."

Said about Jesse..."You can't tell where you stop and other people start....that's a dangerous quality to have."

This is not a book of happy...far from it. It is a dark book and made to be depressing and seedy.

Kink by Kathe Koja

I liked it better then Suicide Blonde. But it was a pretty predictable story - at least to me. This is the story of Jess and Sophie....and eventually Lena. Jess narrates the story - he is the male in the 3-way relationship. Right from the start of Lena coming into their relationship I saw what was happening. And just kept wanting to get to that point to prove myself right. Eventually I did get to that point.

I liked the words used in this book. I liked the characters somewhat. I did like Jess and Sophie but I wished the whole book was about their relationship - just them. The book is set in an avant garde art community. And Jess and Sophie meet Lena and their life of course changes and that is about all I am going to say as I don't want to give the story away.

The book is called Kink because it is there thing with people that connect and have a deep bond...where you see the world through each other, you use each other to change the world, make the world...that is Kink to Jess and Sophie.

I know not very much about either book but basically doing this so I remember what books I read this year.

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