Thursday, May 31, 2007

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- Well with all the hoopla going on with LJ deleting 500 journals* -- Master suggested I do a back up of my livejournal. I have never done that but remembered my good friend mentioned LJArchive. So I did that tonight. I was reading through some early is always odd for me to read though them but tonight I realized I repeat myself quite a bit. Also because of the hoopla I went through and deleted some interests off my profile and left some groups just in case. Sad but true.

* Here are a few links about it...

- We went to see the new Pirate of the Caribbean movie and it was SO GOOD! And someone else I read mentioned this too but Orlando Bloom has grown up or something as he looked damn hot in this movie! Especially in the end with the scarf on his head and the scar! Oh yummy!

- I finished Memoirs of a Geisha today and really I know lots of people thought it was so different then the movie and the book was better then the movie but I find them both pretty much the same. I know the story is not exactly the same but the overall message and big points of the book to me come out in the movie. I am really glad I read it again and have it though. I had read it the year it came out (1997), but lent it to a friend and she never returned it.

Here is the list of books I have read this year so far and my goal was to get through 25. I think I will make that. Links below are entries where I do reviews or talk about the books a little more.

1. Collage Discovery
2. Tipping the Velvet
3. Danse Macabre
4. The Crimson Petal and The White
5. Artists' Journals & Sketchbooks
6. Creative Utopia: 12 Ways to Realize Total Creativity
7. The Academy
8. The Reunion
9. Bondage
10. The Rapture of Canaan
11. Kink
12. Suicide Blonde
13. The Marketplace
14. The Slave by Laura Antoniou.
15. Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coehlo - I really enjoyed the story. This is the first time I really have read one of his books and not felt I learned something after. This was just entertainment. It was a book about a prostitute and also had some SM in it too. I found it interesting since I was a prostitute. And well I like SM. :)
16. He, She, It by Marge Percy - EXCELLENT book! If you like anything set in the future - this book was very interesting. If you like history also you will like this book as it does go through Jewish history of 1600 Prague.
17. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

- A while back we got a pork roast that was HUGE! Anyway, I cut it half and did half in the oven roasting it with veggies. And the other half I did in the crockpot. I ended up then freezing quite a bit of it. Yesterday I took some of the shredded pork out of the freezer and made it into a yummy spicy dinner. I put the shredded pork into the crock with a can of diced tomatoes with the juice, did a cup of chicken stock, a can of black beans, a can of diced green chili peppers, 1 chipolte pepper chopped, some garlic and onions and then cumin and oregano. I simmered in the crock for about 2 hours and then served it on tortillas with cheese and sour cream.

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  1. I'm a HUGE Paulo Coelho fan. I've found them to be moving, challenging and uplifting.

    Dinner sounds yummy....might have to try out that recipe.

    hugs xx


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