Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gratitude Tuesday - S

This list is long and I feel like it could have went on and on...there are so many things in my life that start with S that I could express gratitude over....so I am thankful for those and the many other things in my life that give me so much.

I like sparkly things...I think it is the girly girl in me. Sparkles make me smile. So I am thankful for sparkles!
smiles: I am thankful for the smiles....they sometimes brighten my day in a way that nothing else can.
stars: The shape and the ones twinkling in the sky. Stars....they like sparkles make me smile. They represent good things such as hope.
stories: I love stories...life stories, fairy tales, fiction, non-fiction....just stories people tell....showing their unique voice and experiences.
Santa Fe: For years I dreamed of Santa Fe. I had never been there but I knew when I woke up that I was dreaming of Santa Fe....don't ask me why or how...it just was...and I felt the need to go. Early in our relationship, I told Master of the dreams. And he said that one day he would make that dream come true. After a year of being with him he made that dream come true. And we went to Santa Fe...and fell in love with it. It is an inspiring magically place. We hope to visit it again. We both miss it so much. So I am thankful for Master giving me my dream of Santa Fe as well as thankful for just the city itself...thankful for what it gave me.
sight: I am thankful for being able to see. I don't think there is much more to say about it as it is a pretty self explanatory thing...I mean seeing...all the things in the world weather good or bad....because each gives something...to learn from.
simple: I am thankful for the simple things in life...clean sheets on the bed, photos of family on my desk, clouds in the sky, kitty cats soaking the sun up in the window....they are all simple and yet complex things that give so much to me daily.
sugar: I am thankful for the wonderful thing called sugar. I love to bake and I love sweet treats....it just makes me feel good...even though at times that is not good for me. But I still love them. I think of my Grandmother and Mom making Christmas goodies...and so they give me good memories as well as sooth my sweet tooth.
seafood: I really like seafood. Master doesn't like it at all. So it is a very special treat for me. Shrimp tops my favorite type of seafood. I am thankful for the times I am allowed seafood. Yummy!
soup: I really like soups...all kinds. I love to make them in the winter time. They give warmth and comfort...so I am thankful for soup.
sour cream cookies: They are my favorite cookie...so I am thankful for them being so yummy!
shopping: I like to shop...:) I am thankful for all the intriguing and amazing items out there that help me in my day to day life, things I find that is a perfect gift, things that I can learn from, things that make me feel good.
self-awareness - self-discovery - self-expression: I am putting them all together even though they are all very different. It is very important to me to do all of them. I am thankful for my self awareness, discovery and expression. Each day they lead me to being a better me.
sensuality: people have told me quite a bit over the years that I exude sensuality. It is not something I see. But I do love the times I feel it. I am thankful for those that I see it in too.
sexuality: I have always been such a sexual person. It is something I like. I am thankful for it.
sex: yes...I am thankful for sex. I enjoy it. The touching...the emotions it evokes.
service/service oriented submission: I am thankful I am service oriented. I enjoy it. I like that it gives Master and others pleasure. I am thankful I am allowed to be of service.
slavery: I am thankful for the lifestyle that allows me to be a slave. It fulfills me.
spanking: I never liked spankings until Master. He is a drummer and WOW he just make me so turned on by his spankings. I feel the vibrations through my body. I am thankful for Master's spankings.
SM: I like SM play. I like pain. It makes me feel very good. I am thankful for the stinging of a whip, the biting nipple clamps, the strike of a cane across my bottom....it all turns me on. I am thankful for the things SM gives me and thankful for being with someone who likes to dish out pain.
slut: I am thankful for the times I am allowed to be a slut and let that raw sexuality out that makes me want suck and fuck with abandon.
spirituality: I am thankful for my spirituality. It gives me comfort, faith, and philosophy - a way to live my life and be fulfilled. I am thankful for all the different religions I have studies and taken things from. I am thankful for the Universe for guiding me through hard time and observing in times when I need to go it alone and figure it out.
strength: I am thankful for the strength I have to get through hard situations, the strength I find in obeying and submitting to Master, my strength of charters. I am also inspired by the strength I see in others. I am thankful for strength.
serenity: I am thankful for serenity...I gain serenity through so many things in my life....a day trip with Master, waking up snuggled up next to Master, doing art, meditating, looking at a sunset, giving/doing service and so many things. I am thankful for the serenity I receive daily.
shoes: I like shoes. Summer shoes especially. I have seen so many shoes this spring that are so cute. I gave lots of my shoes away to good will but I still have quite a few shoes in the closet. :)
socks: I am sock whore. I love socks. I have done whole posts on socks. They keep my feet warm and give me comfort. They are also fun and silly! I am especially thankful for my friend that made me a pair of slipper socks that are so beautiful and warm. They are warmest socks I have ever owned and they kept my feet warm all winter long! I am thankful for socks...warm and comfortable...fun and silly!
serendipity: I am thankful for all the unexpected and fortunate discoveries made in my life.
spiders: I have always had an affinity with spiders. I never have been scared of them. I always felt they are almost mystical and magical. A friend on livejournal gave me this from Tao Meditations: "A spider is a perfect creature of Tao. Its body is an elegant expression of its mind : It spins beautiful threads, and its legs are exactly suited to create and walk its web. From its center, a spider radiates its world out with a spare economy.

A spider's posture in regard to Tao is to set up a pattern. Its mind determines this pattern. It realizes the flow of Tao and does nothing to interfere with it. It simply creates its pattern and waits for Tao to bring it sustenance. That which comes to it, it accepts. That which does not come to it is not its concern.

Once its web is established, a spider does not think of expanding unnaturally. It does not make war upon its neighbors, it does not go for adventures in other countries, it does not try to fly to the moon, it does not build factories, it does not try to enslave others, it does not try to be intellectual. It is simply who it is and is content with that."


  1. Danae, such a lovely list, thank you so much. This one is really inspired.
    Warm hugs,

  2. It is a beautiful list. And I have to say that I am very attracted to sparkles. I have 4 sparkly snowglobes on my desk that I often play with. I can get lost in them for a lot longer than I should! Mac often buys me sparkly things because I get so excited when I get them. I am spoilt. Grins.

  3. Paul: Thank you! So many wonderful things start with S. I felt as though I could have rambled on and on.

    Sarah: Thank you for your comment!! I get the same way with sparkles and Master likes seeing me get that way too.


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