Sunday, October 05, 2003

Home again...

We were gone this weekend - visiting Master's family. It was His father's birthday.

I met all of Master's family...they are very nice. They are a very close family. I had a nice time. It was nice to be with Master celebrating with His family.

This week will probably be very busy for us. We have lots to get done before Master heads into surgery. Of course I am worrying about that lots but will do everything I need to help Master heal.

Something kind of odd to me that is happening - that seems to be happening really fast is Master and I thinking the same things. It has happened a lot recently and this weekend it seemed to happen even more. I like it but it is kind of scary too.

We were on the road yesterday playing just taking in the scenery and I start to think of giving Master a blow job. I am thinking of it in glorious detail and how it would feel and so on and Master say to me I wish you were giving me a blow job right now. I turned to Him blushing and looking at Him trying to figure out how He had been reading my mind LOL We did that several times this weekend thinking about this and that at the same time. It is like one is thinking about it and it bleeds to the other and so they start thinking about it also. I really do think that is how it happens with us.

It also is kind of scary that Master's family who has known Him all His life can't read Him like I can...we are in these family functions and I look I can see what He is thinking and no one around knows that but me. I really like that I know Him so well to know what He is thinking...see things no one else sees.

My horoscope for today...LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): You’ve may be in a difficult situation, but this isn’t just about today. This has been unfolding now for a while. Now, however, things can come to head as you realize there isn’t an easy way out. But the solution isn’t about finding a way out. It’s about moving in, toward your own vulnerability. You’ll come out the other side feeling stronger for what you’ve experienced and what you’ve learned.

I have been dealing with some issues that I did not feel comfortable writing about yet. But I have felt that I am getting closer to writing about them and letting them out. I know there is no solution but there is ways to heal and protect myself from the issues that are coming to a head.

Going to end this so Master and I can get to bed after being on the road glad to be home with Master.

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