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Topic: Movie Review of Killing Me Softly

"We spend our lives searching for our other half, you're it." ~Adam

Last night Master and I watched a movie that....well was not great but really had good potential lol

I would watch it again and actually want to see the unrated version *smiles*

It was Killing Me Softly...


It had Heather Graham as Alice and Joseph Fiennes as Adam

It is labeled as an erotic thriller. But to me it is more then is a tale of passionate love. It is tale of an obsessive power exchange. It is a tale of living on the edge and not being afraid of falling off that cliff...falling so much you lose yourself in the desire. It is about allowing yourself to need someone and allowing yourself to trust someone. I will get into those more....a little ways down....

Adam is a "famous" mountain climber. Alice is a girl who has everything a girl should want a good job, friends, a nice apartment living with her nice boyfriend. Adam and Alice meet accidentally at a corner but don't talk she seems him go into a bookstore across from her work and can't stop thinking of him so goes over and he comes out just as she was about to go in. Not speaking yet - they get in a car and he takes her to an apartment and they have sex.

How appropriate that her name is Alice because it is almost like she is in wonderland....having an adventure.

So that is how it starts.

Then the move establishes that Adam definitely wants control. But part of me feels he wants it to show the other trusts him. Because if his partner trusts him that equals love for him.

I think this movie is about (besides the "whodunit" story line) Alice trying to do more with her life - more then the usual. She is a girl with things that every girl should want and desire - a good job, friends, a nice apartment living with her nice boyfriend. And for Alice is it about doing something more - maybe something that was even buried in her. Maybe she was scared to uncover it. But then Adam comes into her life and uncovers it. But in the end I guess to me she was not ready to accept it and that is how it turns into that erotic thriller.

Alice says in the end that she is just a flatlander and could not reach those heights.

But she is more self-aware and knows what she wants now.

MORE SPOILERS - Spoiler for the ending ahead too.....

So the bad points....

I am not a big fan of Heather Graham and at times felt the movie was just made to see her nude one more time *rolls eyes*
The acting by Heather was a bit shallow. And so was the script.
You knew"whodunit" at the beginning of the movie.
They did not show enough character development and depth.
Not nearly enough rough sex lol :)
Plot was poor...but that is probably due to the script...the book is suppose to be much better.

Good things....
S&M/Rough Sex was considered consenting to by the Police
The people engaging in the S&M/kinky rough sex were not the killers.
Breath Play scene! :)
Some of the scenes of London and English country side were really beautiful.
Drool time over Adam's sister Deborah played by Natascha McElhone (probably best known for The Truman Show)
Just how they grab and touch each other - I was erotic for me. But it just could be because I am horny LOL

Scenes that are standing out to me right now me I liked...
She leaves her boyfriend and goes to find Adam. She waits in the outside his apartment for him and it starts snowing. The scene is very pretty actually the street with the snow coming down. But the reason I like the scene is she is so....needing him that she waits and will wait for him. I guess I know those feelings and even though they are almost desperate they are exciting and raw.

They get married and then go hiking. He makes her hike telling her he is going to make her stronger. (she does come across weak to me and that bothers me) But what I liked is that he is helping her become stronger. I also liked that she wanted to do it. She wanted to do it to make him proud.

Then of course the breath play scene oh yummy not even going to talk about it just going to sit here for a moment in bask in remembering it. Oh how I love breath play! mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm good!

I like that she starts dressing different for him *shakes head* boy do I know that one! LOL

I like the scene with his friends...he kind of leaves her and she goes to the bathroom I think she starts to feel self conscious dressed a little more revealing then anyone else there...bright lipstick and such all for him.

I liked the movie most until it started to get into the trying to put suspicion onto him and then I was like uggh lets just go back to the relationship between them develop that power exchange more please! Because then it ends up being more of a tale obsessive love instead of a "healthy" power exchange.

Anyway that is Killing Me Softly....which of course caught my eye because I love that song. I still remember someone I know singing that in September and Master and I dancing to it. :) Nice memory!

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