Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Big Love Talk....

This contains spoilers of the first episode so if you haven't seen it and don't want it to be spoiled skip this post

Big Love is a new series on HBO about polygamy.

This is talk about the first episode....more will come on the second episode soon.

What really has appealed to me is the interactions between the wives and then the wives with the husband. Because those moments remind me of my experiences with poly quite a bit. The religious/mormon things just are drama for me. Such as the young girl wanting to be with the old man creeps me out but it is just part of the drama. Again really it is the interactions between the husband and wives are actually very real to me.

Like where Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) notices her husband Bill out by the pool but that night is Margene's (Ginnfer Goodwin) night. So she doesn't go to him because she sees Margene looking. To me what I have seen so far is that Barb is very thoughtful of the unit as a family and the other wives time. I remember doing the same thing when part of the D/s poly family. Such as seeing him by the pool -- it would have been easy for her to go talk to him, discuss his problem, and reassure him. But it was his night with Margene and really from her point of view it could have been a problem between him and Margene and so they should have discussed it because it is Margene's and Bill's relationship. And although poly those things can get very sticky. It used to bother me so much when the dominant I was involved with would talk about his and my problems with another of the girls but not me.

Nicki annoys me with her money spending. And at the same time I don't think she likes doing it. It to me is feeding something that is empty in her. I know that feeling. She do though reminds me of one of my fellow "sister" slave (don't like the word sister but not sure what else to call it at the moment). Nicki taking the night for Wayne's birthday after Barb just said trading nights was confusing was manipulative. One way for her to say hey just because I am second I can still have power and do what I want. And although they are not submissive or slaves -- it is obvious they follow a structure where Barb kind of has some type of authority/power over the others. Although I don't think she exercises it really...and that reminds me of when I was kind of in that position. I tried to make everything smooth...everyone happy....everything run smooth.

The only time Barb didn't think of the others feelings really was when she gets in the car by stepping in front of Nicki when Nicki opens the door. But it still made me feel good and smile because Nicki is so manipulative and bitchy!

I do look forward to seeing the development of the kids...their thoughts on the polygamy. Such as seeing Sarah and the interaction with her co-worker kind of teasing her about her 3 Mommies.

The second episode had more moments that I liked seeing....and related to also. More on that later.


  1. I really enjoy Big Love..I've seen two episodes so far and really enjoy it. :)


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