Thursday, March 30, 2006


* So I have been hiding out. I am going through quite a bit of depression. This always happens when I am having lots of health problems. I had that cold for 6 weeks with a still occasional cough. I have had migraines quite a bit and some that are so bad that I can't remember things because all I know is the pain. And nothing seems to help it. I went to my doctor to talk about the migraines and it is the first time I didn't feel like she listened to me at all. I also had a dentist appointment this week that didn't go well. And I am getting down about it. And it is really stupid but I am feel really upset about it even though I know there is no other options.

* Feeling very nostalgic tonight as I went through old posts to tag them.

* Moni called me this evening! It was so GREAT to talk to her and have some girl talk. I miss her so much! It is so odd that I have been thinking about her lots lately and was going to ask Master if I could call her sometime soon.

* I made Pasta e Fagioli and Zebra Brownies on Monday - Master never had either and loved both of them. I do have to say the soup turned out great. The flavor was amazing.

* We leave to go out of town for the weekend on Friday probably won't be updating again until we get back unless I can finish a couple pieces I have been working on and get one of them posted tomorrow.


  1. *hugs*

    i hate being sick too. just don't forget to spoil yourself where you can.

    Master's butterfly

  2. I hope you start feeling better soon, danae...

  3. what's a zebra brownie? chocolate & vanilla?

  4. Thank you for the comments everyone!

    Jen, a zebra brownie has cream cheese on it. Here is a link to some. I didn't use box mix though I made homemade brownies as I didn't have a box mix! lol

  5. I understand "the blahs." I hope the traveling helps to kick you out of that mode maybe. Wishing you health and wellness as soon as ever you can ...



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