Sunday, March 05, 2006

Talkin' TV

Project Runway was kind of frustrating last week. It was the 2nd to last episode and it just seemed to really switch some gears on things. I also want to write about something that might replace my Project Runway obsession since it starts the same week as Project Runway ends...and that is Big Love on HBO.

Project Runway will show the last episode of the season this week. So thoughts on the 2nd to last episode....

A friend said she felt it is gearing up to Santino to win...and I feel yes and no on that. I think Santion's collection is great - yes I went and looked at the pictures they have on the web of the collection. (posting links at the end of the entry for them if anyone wants to see the spoilers.) But damn he never listened to them all the way through so why should get get to just because he gave us his story of hardship (which yes did really tug at my heart strings and make me like him a little) he should win? Now that he finally does the good pieces after fighting with Heidi, Michael, Nina and Tim all season he should win? I am not sure they would do that...will they? I guess I will find out.

It seems really odd to me that Tim seemed to like Daniel's collection when he went to his apartment but now that it is there in the final week he doesn't seem to like it. I thought -- well maybe the editors of it are making it seem that way because it does seem like the majority of the people out there want Daniel to win so they are "creating drama" by making it seem like the golden boy who won the most challenges might not win. But then with Daniel's video clips of being really offended and unnerved by Tim not responding well -- that kind threw that theory off.

I have to say out of all we saw of the collections on this 2nd to last episode -- I didn't like Chloe's. I loved the dress she put Grace in with the cut out back. But that pink thing with the puffy sleeves...yucky!

Okay on to the most horrible part of the episode....I can't BELIEVE they did that to them....throwing that final challenge at getting ready for Fashion week isn't enough! OMG! I felt so sorry for them all...especially Chloe who was so visibly upset. And I kind of agreed with Santino - "Even if you stick pasties and a maxi pad on the 13th model, it's like, who gives a shit at this point?" That is how they have to feel. I mean why make them design something of lessor quality because they are so busy and wiped out from making the collection. It seems really unfair and stupid.

Here are some links
Final Collection Pictures:
And Kara's because to throw journalists off with who the final 3 are...they always ask the final 4 to Fashion week.

You can see some more pictures of their collection here although you need to do a search for each person.

Tim Gunn's interview with OUT magazine

Andy's Blog - he is a producer of Project Runway
10 Questions for Heidi
Tim Gunn in the House
Santino faces his Critics
Calm Chloe
Questions for Andrae
10 Questions for Jay

Blog Link about Andrae and then another on Tim

Okay on to Big Love

If you have not heard about is going to be on HBO about a polygamist's marriage 1 man, 3 wives and 7 children. First of all I really like the actress that will be on this show...Jeanne Tripplehorn, Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin. I have been reading quite a few articles online about it....and most people are just talking about the controversy of polygamy and how Mormons are portrayed and that they are not liking that. But reading their character profiles and watching the "Making of Big Love" -- I really can't wait to watch it. Some things reminded me of a few moments from when I was part of a (D/s) poly family.

HBO Big Love
The Spouse's of Big Love
The Village Voice on Big Love


  1. We are soo watching Big Love. I have been waiting for it since the first preview.

  2. I have the DVR set up already just in case we don't get to watch it at that time. How sad is that! LOL Master was going to cancel HBO but now he is keeping it through the series -- to see if they pick it up for a 2nd season and if we like it.

  3. I agree with all of your PR commentary.

    I was joking when they left the cliff hanger about what the challenge was that they were going to come back with
    "Designers, all of your models are going to be midgets - you have 48 hours to alter all of your pieces"


    I think santino is going to win, even though I want daniel to win. Chloe's pink think stunk... bleh


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