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Project Runway....Last post of the season...

Last episode of Project Runway kind of shocked me....

Choloe - I can't believe Chloe won. I liked Chloe's designs during the season but I have to say I was disappointed in her runway show. I am not big on puffy sleeves...she had one outfit that had puffy sleeves that I liked and that was it. Here on this link the very last 3 images on the first page are the 3 designs that I liked of her runway collection the best. I thought Grace's dress was the best. I loved the back and I loved the way it looked on Grace with her red hair and that blue was just beautiful. But over all I didn't like the collections puffy sleeves, I am not a fan of all the gold she used, and although I like pink I disliked her pink pieces the most. I don't think she had a clear vision - she admits that she just does it "organically" - and although she told them last night that she wanted just all evening looks because she doesn't get to do that very often - it still to me didn't pull it together. She would have been better off saying all the puffy sleeves pull it together because that is what I thought made her collection fit together as whole even though I didn't like them. I do think she has a business understanding of the industry and I actually think that is what it came down to when they decided. Because I think it was hard choice for them between Chloe and Daniel but I think they thought she has the know how in the industry and Daniel is too young to understand it all yet.

Daniel - Again I was surprised with Tim not saying much about his collection. And still thought maybe they are doing that because he would be the winner. I am surprised he didn't win but I have to say I was not thrilled about his collection either. The outfits looked old. The 13th piece they were all raving about and I thought looked like she was wearing a potato sack. Yes the detail at the neck is good but he had it on how many other pieces. There was not other design detail so it made it look like he put a nice collar on a potato sack. I liked the dress on Rebecca but I was with Kors and Heidi I didn't like the dang-ly patch thing on the front. I loved the color, the fabric, the shape, the cutouts...all were great but that patch thing was irritating. I got the Japanese and military influences in them. They were subtle touches that made them that way and obviously the judges felt that should be stronger to be the influence. I liked that it was subtle though. I didn't like that Rebecca tripped in the dress on the runway.....I thought for sure Kors would say something about that because last season he made a big deal on one of the challenges when someone had that happen. Kors offering him a job at the end I thought fit because I felt Daniel's style and Kors are similar. I also thought it was kind of funny that the winner Chloe gets a mentorship with Banana Republic but Kors - higher on the fashion food chain offers Daniel the second place person a job.

Santino - I didn't like Santino during the show. I hated his mouth. He acted like it was the Santino Show instead of Project Runway. He was way to cocky for what he was designing...because he added so much crap to his designs you never knew what they were really suppose to be a piece of art or a dress (sometimes a bad piece of art on top of that). And although I can understand that as a person who loves fashion and an artist - but if he wants to design clothes I feel he should be more female body conscious.

So after seeing him on the 2nd to last episode and him telling his "story" -- he did win me over some. Then after viewing his line online I thought okay they are going to make him the winner because he grew the most on the show. He finally listened to them. So, I was totally shocked when they said he was playing it safe! Oh my! I thought his collection was stunning. The way that last dress - the one for his PR model - moved was incredible. All of the collection to me was like that...they flowed with the body so well. I agree with them that many of dresses didn't fit well in the chest area but what did they really expect when they gave them the 13th item to make, finish up touch ups, and fit to the models that didn't seem like they were showing up very timely. To get it to fit perfect he would have needed a lot more time. So...I was stunned when they thought Santino was playing it safe. I thought his collection was stunning and I also thought he learned something finally - I thought he should have won. I know I can't believe I am saying it but that is what I thought after seeing the collections.

2 Video Clips First video Tim Gunn on the Oscar fashions and then keep watching because the second video they do an interview with Chloe from this morning.

Tim Gunn on Andrae and Kara
Blogging Project Runway
Daniel Vosovic

Final Collection Pictures:
And Kara's because to throw journalists off with who the final 3 are...they always ask the final 4 to Fashion week. I actually wished Kara would have shown these things while on the show and then she probably would have been in the final 3. Her collection was great!

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