Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Life Update

Still coughing! Being sick gets me really down. And so I have been kind of down lately. Add to it I had my period so that just added more to my mood.

I had a meltdown 2 weekends ago where I thought maybe I wasn't a slave because I don't feel, think, react the way other slaves/submissives seem too. I read other things people go through and feel and think I don't go through that. I thought I was just nothing...and everyone else is in the lifestyle and well I am just here doing "whatever the hell it is that I do." So I had a pity party over the doubts. In the end it was really silly as I don't want to be like anyone but me.

Then this last weekend I had a 2 day migraine from hell again where the pain was so bad that I am kind of fuzzy about details of Saturday. So, I didn't accomplish much this weekend. Master had to run errands without me and take care of things he normally doesn't...so of course I was having guilt over that too.

Sunday evening we enjoyed dinner and then watched Big Love on HBO. I liked it. It was entertaining. Although I have to say I was analyzing it from the wives perspective a lot as some of the reactions and characteristics of the wives reminded me of my poly experiences. I think there is a lot of potential with the character development and I look forward to watching it again.

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  1. hah...this is mildly amusing because I was just reading a different blog about exactly the same thing. As I said on that blog, nearly every sub I've had gets to a point where they feel that and I'm of the belief that it just takes reassurance on the part of the Master and openness and willingness and acceptance on the part of the sub and together the relationship will grow.

    as for being sick...yes, it's awful. I've been sick too, and it's interfering with My life already. blech.

    little pet's Master


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