Monday, March 20, 2006

Domestic....Plus a Life Update

Baking makes me happy. Cooking mostly in general makes me happy. There are times cooking doesn't make me happy though. But baking almost always makes me happy. I just got done baking some cookies for some friends. They will be mailed off tomorrow for them.

I was just thinking last night I should bake something for Master and his co-workers...they are really feeling burnt out lately and so I want to do something nice for them. I am going to either make 3 type of muffins (raspberry cream cheese, apple/oatmeal, and blueberry) or cinnamon brownies...whatever Master would prefer of course.

This weekend was pretty laid back for the most part. I did have a little melt down on Saturday as I just haven't been sleeping lately and so Saturday that caught up to me and I just was so tired that nothing made sense. So Master tucked me into bed and I got some much needed sleep. Sunday we were up really early to do grocery shopping - hit the stores before the crowds after church. After we came home, we made breakfast together and had mimosas with it. Yummy! Later in the Master was going to lay down for a nap so I said I would join him and he tried a new hood on he bought for me and unfortunately the cough still lingers and this hood is really tight around the neck so I started coughing.

Last night I woke up feeling like I was having a heart attack (it was a panic attack). It hurt my heart, ribs and everything to just take a breath. I was shaking and mind was racing. I had woke up from a nightmare. It took me so long to calm down though that my body being that tensed up last night....has left it aching today. I have only had it that bad once before.

When we were out shopping this weekend, I picked up some hairdye. It is red which is pretty much one of the standard colors I use. But Master and I have discussing black. I am not sure how I would look with black hair. So he said something about maybe you should do that and he picked up one and I said "that is a permanent dye." We talked about trying a temp one first. And he said, "yeah." I said, "what if it turns my hair weird colors." He just smiled and said, "no problem I have a solution for that too." It took me several moments to get what he meant! He is an evil man!(yeah...i know i like that he is this way.) His solution....shave my head. He knows what just mentioning it does to me...there in the middle of Wal-mart and melting into a puddle of goo. But after discussing it we realized now isn't the time as we are visiting his parents in 2 weeks and me and black hair (or *cough* a shaved head) is probably not something they can handle. When it has been odd colors they always just say "you dyed your hair again." When it is a normal color they say "oh we like you hair." My parents do the same thing.

Not much else to report.


  1. You have gorgeous hair, danae! *shocked*

    You probably won't want to hear my voice of "reason", but if you have a pale complexion, stay away from black - it'll make you look washed out and worn out.

    (I can't even imagine you with a shaved head! Eeek!!!)

  2. those muffins sound really good!

    as for the black dye, I didn't know you could get temporary black hair dye since black isn't one of the kinds of colours that just fades out. if you do dye your hair black, you'll have to strip your hair if you ever want the black colour completely gone.

    I'm a big fan of red. Red hair is always good. Especially bright red!
    : )


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