Thursday, March 09, 2006


1. Write down 7 things that piss you off (in no certain order).
2. Now 7 things that make you happy.
3. 7 fun things that you wish you could get paid to do for a living.
4. Tag 7 people.


Seven things that piss you off
1. President Bush
2. Freedoms we have seem to be shrinking in the US
3. That everyone is not treated equally
4. Lack of health care for those that can't afford it
5. That people I love and care about can't get married if they want
6. When the trash bag rips and the garbage spills all over the floor
7. Migraines

Seven things that make me happy
1. Seeing Master realize his dreams
2. Being Master's slave
3. creating art
4. Seeing Master happy
5. Cooking and having people enjoy the food
6. Snuggling into Master's arms
7. Having good friends and wonderful family

Seven fun things I wish I could be paid to do
1. Art (consistently paid that is. I have been paid at times in the past.)
2. Being a BDSM friendly, nice Martha Stewart
3. Being a Joss Whedon groupie
4. Godiva Chocolate tester
5. Reading Livejournal and blogs
6. web design (again more consistently)
7. hanging out with girlfriends- chatting and giggling

7 people I'?m tagging
not tagging so play along if you wish!

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