Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Q & A: 4 Q & A's

Sorry for delays on answering the questions. I have had a cold so not been at the computer much.

Do you think you are a real slave?
Umm hmm yes I guess so. I mean I wish I knew what the person asking the question meant by real. But I do know I am Master's slave. I do have to say though at times feel very much like a fish out of water like that I don't know what I am doing or who I am. And then other times it is so ingrained -- I feel like this is who I have been forever and the movement come naturally.

Do you have any markings (brands or tattoos) of ownership by your Master? If not would you like to have something like that?
I don't have any markings but it is something Master has talked about a few times. If I want to have marking....yes, I would love to carry Master's mark.

Is your submission part of your sexuality?
Oh yes. Now that said slavery really doesn't have anything to do with my sexuality really. That is about service and obedience for me. But I "feel" submissive during sex.

Do you always call your Sir Master? Even in public?
I call Him Master almost always. I do at times in Walmart call him Master and then I usually take a peek to see if anyone was around to hear it. Around Master's parents, it is always Michael (although I have slipped a few times and called him Master in front of them.) Around friends, it is Michael. But when we are private it is always Master.

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