Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Q & A: Bruises

Have you ever had to explain a bruise to someone outside the lifestyle such as a doctor, family or clerk in store?

Yes once to a doctor I had a bruise in a place that well was hard not to notice for what he was doing. I was going to have a pap. I of course had canceled the appointment a few times so I really needed to keep it this time. Well several weeks before I had been staying with someone very special to me. And she used a strap on that the dildo was held in place by a thick metal ring. When she fucking me very hard the ring would hit my pelvic bone so it created a very deep nasty looking bruise so by the time I had the appointment it was faded slightly but still visible. I am up in the stirrup and my doctor asked me if I knew I had a bruise. I said yes. He then asked if he wanted to know how I got it. I said no. I was out to him about being in bdsm. I was happy he didn't want to know how I got it.

I should say it is really hard to bruise me. Master has whipped me, caned me, paddled me - hard - and often there isn't any visible marks. I might be tender but no bruises. If I get marks it is little slash marks from the baton or evil stick. And they will just last a day or 2. And that is usually on my breasts not my bottom. My bottom just doesn't mark/bruise.

But there has been a few close calls with the general public, friends and family. I really like to be punched. I remember the first time I saw a demo on punching it just melted me into a big puddle. I even enjoy being punch in the face. So I have had two facial bruises from punching. Once with a previous partner that was fairly obvious. I was living with friends at the time with that had kids and we were worried the kids might say something but they didn't. And then once with Master where I got a little bit of a fat lip. We were going to a wedding in a few days so was worried it would be visible but it calmed down before the wedding so it was okay.

And then the only other time I was really worried about bruises was a time that I was really stupid. I went to visit my parents and also visited a dominant that was local to them. Of course we had negotiated that there wouldn't be any play. And I got there and he insisted and of course I gave in. He caned me from top to bottom basically. There were bruises on my thighs and calves that lasted I think it was 8 weeks. It was spring time so I was starting to wear shorter skirts but in staying with my parents that wouldn't be possible as they would have noticed the bruises since they were obvious lines. I had to resort to wearing longer skirts the whole time I was there.

I should have just left when he kept insisting. But of course I just was so wanting to find an escape from my situation that I would give anyone a chance. After when I explained to him after why I didn't want to be with him (because of course then my brain came back) of course he told me I wasn't submissive. (insert rolling of eyes) Oh well that is in the past and live and learn.

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  1. i bruise reaaly easily as well, and while sometimes i like to wear them as little reminders, othertimes i wish i could was them off. brave of you to tell yu dr about your predilictions!

    xx, p


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