Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March Q&A: Held Under Water

Awhile back you did a post where your Master held you in the shower under the water..sorry I can't seem to find the post now.

I think you are referring to this post about being held underwater in the bathtub. That was with a previous partner...someone I was with right before Master.

How was that for you? It was great because it was loss of control. And had wonderfully intoxicating fear. Breath play is one of my favorites and so it for me was just another form of that so it was a rush.

How did it come about? I am not sure how it came about if I had mentioned other experiences that I enjoyed or if it was just his thing as we did bathtub type play often. Either way it turned us both on.

Is water a fear for you? no I like water

Is it something done often? It was something I did with that partner often. He liked just pushing me over the edge of the water filled tub - holding me under. He also put my head into the toilet water several times.

Master and I have really never played like that but we also don't that type of bathtub that would make it easy. Master and I have done a shower ritual. Where I sit on the bottom of the shower while he takes a shower. I describe it here about mid-post.

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