Tuesday, March 11, 2008

March Q &A: Website/Book

What website and/or book helped you when you were first starting out in the lifestyle?

Well as I mentioned in this other post when I first knew there was a name for what I felt and did -- I was on AOL. And although I don't have anything against AOL (except from a geeky stand point of that AOL gets into every part of your computer). I just feel it was the wrong place for me to be as the chats and bulletin boards that I ended up on had lots of group think type qualities and anyone that didn't fit that well they weren't "real" or doing it "right." Although I read a well known website back then -- it to me gives a more hearts and flowers look at D/s. Where kneeling at your Dominants feet will make everything better. And well that just isn't the case for me. I don't think it gave a clear look at the realities of living as a slave. And maybe nothing could capture that truly. I mean you don't believe until you live it - I think.

Anyway, it wasn't until I found Internal Enslavement and also a group on onelist (now yahoogroups) that was ran by J. Mikael Togneri that I truly felt something that spoke to me. And helped me hash out my thoughts and ideas of what I wanted and needed -- on this path.

Books...well books on Buddhism have helped me more then any lifestyle books. Because it helped me learn to meditate and calm myself. It helped in letting go and being just more aware of life. (More on Buddhism and slavery though for another Q&A post.)

The Marketplace series although fiction I think really captured many feelings I have went through and felt in my slavery. It helped my service also because it gave me ideas of what I could do to further my "value" as a slave.

Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson (link on side bar to it on amazon) also invaluable for any domestic slave. A review of it on our websites here.

Please remember you can still ask questions here! Or over on my LJ.

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