Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March Q & A: Toys!

What toys/implements are in your "toy closet"? Which is your favorite, least favorite, and why?

I thought I had talked about this once in my 7 years of blogging - you would have think it was a topic I would have hit. I talk about toys in general and favorite play quite a bit but not favorite toy/least favorite. I think also because Master uses his hands so much I don't talk about toys much. We do slapping, punching, spanking and he just grabs and twists lots too.

I am not sure I could name them all but I will give it a whirl....okay so you had me curious and so I went and opened up the places where we keep toys. We have some that are really easily available and others that aren't. I know I missed some as I didn't open every container and pouch so not all of them are still here but majority I think I got down....

Straps - long purple one from Fetish Temple that was a gift, short leather homemade one, one that is like a dog toy with a leather strap and a tennis ball on the end of it. The long one and the one with the ball can cause quite a bit of pain. Especially the ball

Paddles - 4 wooden, 1 leather, 1 padded ping pong

Canes - a couple bamboo, 1 delrin (ouch)

Crop, Single Tail, Dressage Whip, Evil Stick, Baton (conductor baton), Drum sticks, Drum mallets

Floggers - 3 rubber (2 of them I made), 5 leather/suede, 2 rabbit fur, 1 kite string (I made - good to get wet or put in the freezer), 1 braided leather tails and then the viper (3 braided leather tails with v-pieces of leather on the end to make them even more stingy)

Restraint/Bondage type stuff - Spreader bar, all sorts of different colored duct tape, foam wrap for under tape, bondage tape, saran, rope, chain, arm restraints, cuffs (4 sets) and bondage mittens

3 blindfolds, ball gag, o-ring gag, head harness gag, gas mask, collars (9), hoods (7)

Clips - lots of different kinds - some actually BDSM play stuff but the majority is diy kind (clothes pins, vice grips, metal chip clips and so on) - only clips I don't think we have are clover - we have one the other broke so we don't have a pair. And they are actually my favorite clip because they actually stay on my nipples. Most clips don't stay on them. We have forceps though and those stay on too.

Lots of DIY stuff - wax, wooden spoons, spatulas, chopsticks/skewers & little rubber bands to make clips, abrasion stuff (different brushes), age play stuff (diapers, bottles, coloring books, pacifer), dog dish (these were the containers I didn't open up lots because I knew they had lots of little things in them).

Okay so least favorites: Paddles - I can't stand paddles. I have a love/hate with the cane. I crave it but I can't stand it when it is used. I don't like the long leather strap. The ball strap too is a love/hate relationship as I crave it but it hurts.

Favorites: Stingy...I like stingy toys - the viper, the braided flogger, the single tail, the dressage whip. The evil stick and baton - are love/hate too. They are toys Master uses more then others too. I think I like them because I like the marks and eventually the pain I can fall into also. Hoods, gas mask, rope - are favorites too.

Of course there are times I don't like any toys that they all hurt in a way that I can't process very well. But when my masochism has come out - then stingy is what just wraps me up completely so I can fall into the darkness.

Please remember you can still ask questions here! Or over on my LJ.

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