Monday, December 15, 2003

I am going to try to write a little before I have to get back at the tasks for tonight.

I got my hair cut on Saturday - 5 inches off. It is just a few inches past my shoulder now instead of just above my ass. I really like it. It is so much easier. I don't seem to be having as many problems with it - such as shedding, tangles, and such. When we were in the salon I told the stylist I wanted about 2 inches off - thinking she would do ACTUAL inches but her inches and my inches are different LOL Anyway she showed me before she cut how much she would take off and I was oh no I want more. I called Master over and asked her to show Him and said don't I want more then that off? And He agreed to 5 inches (actual inches not her inches).

Saturday morning before heading out to get our haircuts Master gave me a long spanking. It was delicious. Master played the drums for 14 years and wow...I love His spankings. I have never been a big spanking person but Master's spanking is so yummy! They just vibrate through my whole body...and make me all tingly. A few times I thought I was about to orgasm from it. You can tell that He is basically playing the drums on my ass...because just as you would make the drum make different sounds from how you hit it....He does that with my ass. And each way He smacks my ass - feels different depending on what He is doing. And they don't even have to be hard to get really intense and yummy!

They leave me wanting more because they make me hot thinking about them. (*blushing and squirming as I just took time out to read my Master's blog entry....yeah me!!!)

Okay....what else did I want to write about.....

Oh on Sunday morning I got up early and was in a creative mood so Master told me to keep working on the things I was and He made us breakfast! :) It was very nice of Him. I told Him many times that I could stop, but He insisted I keep working and let Him make breakfast. I felt a little guilty but it was very nice of Him and I appreciate everything He does like that. He has often helped out doing things around the house. And I appreciate it so much. He is good man and I am very lucky to have Him as my Master. :)

Today I spent the day putting up decorations around the house. My Mom years and years ago started me on these ornaments that are little dollhouses and I now have a very very full village - 18 houses to be exact. I know I am missing some in the series too.

Well I better get busy....I hope to have more time to write on Wednesday probably. Tomorrow afternoon I am going shopping I need to get a couple more things for Master. :)

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