Tuesday, December 23, 2003

slavery test.....There is no slavery test. There is no such thing...well unless your Master makes you jump through hoops in high heels that is a heck of a test for slaves :) Enough said on that.

Secondly...I want to be around like minded people who don't say I am insane for wanting a Master/slave relationship. I want to be around some people that *desire* a Master/slave relationship to discuss topics and issues that arise in M/s relationships. I do find it interesting how those in M/s relationships all seem to understand where I am coming from, but those that aren't don't seem to see that there might be benefits from being in a part of a group that *desire* to be in M/s relationships...so are of like mind.

I mean how did the first BDSM group start....basically because people wanted to be around like minded people, so why is it hard to accept that their might be people who could benefit and want to be in a group that is more specialized. There is groups all over the world for different things...rubber fetishes, gay leather men, gay leathermen in rodeos, uniform clubs, age play groups, women groups, poly groups...so why is a M/s group so terrible?????

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