Sunday, December 14, 2003


~ I have been dreaming about a pair of shoes for the last week LOL I have woke up wet and turned on by these shoes. Sad but true LOL

~ Okay some pet peeve....people who correct typo's on emailing list and forums. What is the point? To make them look smarter? ugghhh

~ We went to Master's work party last night. It was kind of a rough start to the evening but it ended good. I was really nervous about going...I am really quiet when around new people. And I was worried about saying something wrong or stupid and making Master look bad. But things went pretty good. I really did not talk to a lot of people but everyone was very nice. Positive note the appetizer I brought was ate up very fast. Everyone there thinks I am good cook. So I am glad they liked it.

~ Friday in the mail I got a package that hit me harder then I thought it would. My ex-mother-in-law,whom I good friends with, sent me some stuff from her parents house. I considered them Grandma and Grandpa...they were lovely people. Very nice with kind hearts.

The things she sent me hit me hard. She sent me things that Jim and I gave Grandma and Grandpa. Plus one piece of embroidery that Grandma everything in the package of course had great meaning. What really hit me hard though was some notepads I made Grandma and Grandpa. And then a bookmarker that Jim and I gave Grandma. It was so strange...there beneath all the packing popcorn there was this note..."do you remember when you made these for everyone?" And so I digged under the note and there was...2 notepads. I just started crying so hard.

One year after I had just started playing with graphics on the computer - I made everyone personalized notepads. It was fun to make them, but Jim had not been very happy with me doing it....long story short - because getting them bound and printed cost to much to him.

So that was hard to get that but it was so nice of her to think about giving me things of theirs since I am not technically a part of their family anymore.

We also got a Christmas present from my ex-in-laws...we as in Master and I got a present together from them. They always give me birthday and Christmas presents, so it was extra special of them to me to include Master on this years Christmas present. They are really good people.

It is really odd because Jim's Mother and I had lots of rough spots when I was married to him. But now we are very good friends. I always have liked them...they have always been really helpful, kind and generous to me. Even when they did not need to be.

~ What is does being 24/7 in D/s relationship mean to me? 24/7 to me means living with someone 24/7. I know that when I was in Ohio, I would obey and worked to serve and please Master - 24 hours of the day 7 days of the week. But it is nothing like living here 24/7 with Master. Master did not see me go to the bathroom when I was in Ohio, I was able have private time, I had to have permission to go to parties and things but I could run to the store without asking. I could spend money when I wanted. I did what I wanted for the most part because Master was not with me 24/7. Here Master knows if I have gone to the bathroom and not only that if I was urinating or having a bowel movement. He knows money spent is because Master only gives me money occasionally (such as for Christmas presents). I don't go anywhere without Master. I am 24/7....and it is really hard work sometimes. But also just so great because there is nothing I do that Master does not know about. He is always here for me and I for Him. I am with a wonderful supportive man who I love, serve and obey 24/7 :)

~ We put our tree up tonight. :) It was fun to do with Master....very meaningful and the tree is beautiful. We did it all in red lights and then we have plaid ribbon as garland. We have an array of ornaments on it - from His first Christmas ornament from the year He was born - to handmade beaded ornaments His Grandmother made to all my Noah's Arks (I have collected them for years) to newer ones like the one Moni gave me for Christmas last year. And now a new one too. Master and I bought a dated ornament for our first Christmas. It is a Hallmark ornament. It is a little burgundy satin bag with beads on the bottom - and then a pewter heart hanging off the front that says Christmas 2003. In the bag there are charms in it with expressions of love on the front and Kiss Me/Sexy, My Princess/My Prince, Always/Forever, My Inspiration/Soul Mate. I think it fits us. :) I look forward to seeing it each year on the Christmas tree and spending each year decorating it with Master....remembering as we pull the ornament out to hang it up. :)

~ Horoscopes for tomorrow...

His...SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22–Dec 21): Your dilemma is shifting. Whereas your larger concern has been about the outer world versus your inner world, now there is an additional dimension to your worries. It’s about the overall importance of your larger, more philosophical concerns versus the immediate details of todays schedule. Even you Sagittarians--you champions of the big picture--have to contend with the smaller and more mundane aspects of your life.

mine....LIBRA (Sep 23–Oct 22): You are on the edge of change and the next weeks can see a newly energized you making a reappearance in your own drama. For now, however, you are still doing your best work in the hidden realms of your own subconscious mind. What you craft now within your imagination is the seed for what may unfold throughout the rest of this month and on into early next year.

~ Of course now that it is near Christmas and I have lots to do...I am getting a surge of creativity wanting to come out - when I really could have used that a few weeks ago. :( But I have used it the last few days and that is good. :) This week proves to be busy...tomorrow I have to get everything that needs sent out done - meaning all Christmas Cards, packages and such. I also have to get all the Christmas boxes put back in the spare room since I drug them out to decorate...and I also have some more decorating of the house too do.

And something I saw that was cute :)

give danaewhispering more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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