Sunday, February 19, 2006

5, 10, 15, 20, 25 Years.....

Because I am a sheep....a Friday Five (on a Sunday Morning for me)

5 years ago - I was poly and so just started playing with someone new, still involved with Kam, and had just bought plane tickets to see Honey. I was doing a job I loved.

10 years ago - Things were going good....Jim and I were kind of doing D/s and kink. I worked for a cable company which was actually more fun then not. I always got a lot of cool promotional gifts from HBO, USA, CNN and such.

15 years ago - Jim and I were just about to celebrate our 6 month wedding anniversary....being the romantic he was...he sent me flowers. It was a weekend when they were delivered and Jim was in the apartment. I had walked across the hall to change out our laundry. He sent the delivery guy there....the guy walks in and asks if I was Mrs. ----- I said yes and he handed me the flowers. I had totally forgot about it being 6 months but Jim remembered. I was stunned with the flowers also as we were pretty darn poor know that first year of marriage cliches -- we fit them perfectly. So it was an unexpected pleasant romantic surprise

20 year ago - well things had just ended with Don and actually the anniversary of my first date with my ex-husband is on Feb. 20th

25 years ago - can't tell you for sure but I know I was in junior high and migraines started and I found a friend that I still have today -- she is funny and wonderful!

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  1. Good blog post, danae. I think it's great you found a friend you are still friends with from junior high. Those types of friendships with so much history are the best!


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