Saturday, February 11, 2006

History: Don & Mike Part 3 (b)

Prelude: If you have not read anything about Don I suggest going to this entry and starting with the last History Part 3 you will get an introduction to Don. These are real stories from my past. These things did happen to me.

Okay so I went into the bathroom to get ready for studying with Mike. There was a full-length mirror hanging opposite of the mirror above the sink so standing there I saw my ass and thighs. They looked like hamburger - red, blue, purple, black –the bruises all ready surfacing. For a moment I was horrified. And then I touched them and just stared at them. I liked them. I liked that he did that to me. He came in and saw me touching them and said "you like it." I did I blushed I know from the thought of liking something like that. I did the internal thing of I shouldn't like this and then it left my mind quickly because I saw how much he liked it. And then that made all those doubts go away for me.

He again told me to not to wash the cum off my tits. I washed up everywhere except there. I redid my hair and make up and got dressed. Don told me to change the sheets on his bed and get the room ready for him to go out. That was something usual with him. He would go out on dates - I never knew who it was with but then they would come back to his room. I would get candles out, matches out, condoms in his night stand (yes he used condoms with others but not me) and just made sure everything was nice and neat. He was taking a shower as I changed the sheets and got the room set up and neat. After he got dressed and we discussed that I would bring my bag with me to Mike's and go home after that. And we set a time for me to call – 2am. This was before the time of pagers and cell phones. He would have loved those devices I am sure.

So he walked me down to Mike's room. They did some small talk and then he turned to me and told me to undress. I unzipped my pants and started to slip them off. They continued to chat like I wasn't even there. I continued to undress until I was completely naked. He then told me to turn around and show Mike my marks. I turned around and then they talked about me like I was jus this object in the room. Mike asked him what he used on me. And things like that. I stood there. Don said to him "I think she should be naked while you study." Mike said something about it being "a distraction to both of us." Mike expressed that looking at my marks was getting him hot. Don told me to turn around and get on my knees. And then basically used a string of words implying that a slut like me would know what to do it was my natural place in the world. I looked up at Mike wondering if that was okay with him and Mike unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock out for me. I started to go down on him but again he was quite big and so it took a bit to stretch open to him. Don said something like -- “she doesn't seem to be is a very good slut today.” Mike pushed me off and moved to the bed...Don kicked me in the ass to go with him. I crawled to Mike and continued where I had left off with sucking him. Soon Mike came...and I started to gag on the cum because of how it shot into my throat. Don said to swallow. I couldn't it came out and dripped down my chin. He grabbed me by the hair and tilted my face up to him slapping me. "I said swallow” He wiped the cum off my chin with this fingers and shoved his fingers into my mouth. I sucked them. And he said good girl and then let go of me. He did a kick to my ass again and said be good and then a little more small talk with Mike before he left the room.

Mike pulled me up to him on the bed and kissed me. We talked....and he did question me what had went on with Don. So we talked about the caning. At some point he had me turn over and he was looking at the marks. He then got some kind of ointment from a drawer and started to rub it into my bottom and thighs. I asked him if the marks really turned him on. He told me yes they did but that he did worry that it was too much for me. I told him I enjoyed it. He just nodded. We snuggled and continued to talk about all sorts of things. I then got dressed and we studied. After studying I asked him if he wanted another blowjob or if he would like to use me. Those were my words. Again it seems so odd to think that it was just so matter of fact yet like every girl in the world was doing what I was doing….offering their boyfriend’s friend a blow job. Anyway, he said no. He kissed me very passionately and hugged me - told me how pretty and special I was...that he loved our time together and then he sent me home.

At 2am I called Don. Right away he asked what else happened with Mike. I told him and he said that I must not have given a very good blowjob for Mike not want to use me again. He then said to me that he might have to get a few more friends so that will use me so that I can gain practice. It was the first seed of something he wanted. Although I think he was disappointed Mike didn’t use me more he was happy that I didn’t have a chance to orgasm. And he told me that I might not orgasm again….which just made my clit throb harder. He told me that he wanted me to masturbate 3 times the next day but not to cum just to bring it to that edge. We chatted a few more moments before we hung up.

The next night was a work night so I didn’t see Mike. But I did see Don after work for a quickie. He just had me give him a blowjob and then told me to leave. He barely talked to me because he was so tired but did ask me about masturbating. I was not going over the edge but did beg him to let me masturbate and cum. He said no and told me not to bring it up again. He said that next day with Mike I was not allowed to cum either. I was to masturbate again when I got home that night and 2 more times before coming to the house.

The following day was another short day for me at school and it was for Mike as well but Don had quit a few things going on. So told me that I would study with Mike after classes. I did masturbate as he instructed and almost went over all 3 times as I was getting really turned on by the denial even.

More to come…

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