Thursday, February 09, 2006

History: Don & Mike Part 2

Prelude: If you have not read anything about Don I suggest going to this entry and starting with the last History Part 3 you will get an introduction to Don. These are real stories from my past. These things did happen to me.

Okay so Don being Don....means that we can't ever do things the same. Meaning I wasn't just going to be giving Mike blowjobs after he helped me study.

The next time we studied together we were again in his room. And Don had me dress fairly slutty...short skirt, stockings, blouse unbuttoned quite a bit, bra and no panties. He told me to just go with whatever Mike wanted to do. Mike made some comment as soon as I entered that he felt it might be hard for him to concentrate. But we did manage to get through it and I didn't have to offer soon as we closed the books he was grabbing and kissing me. Oh my he knew how to kiss. He pulled me up and was in my shirt squeezing my breasts and lifting my skirt touching me. He noticed no panties right away and he stopped kissing me for a moment...he had this twinkle in his eye like he had just gotten the best surprise. It was so sexy and cute at the same time. We continued to kiss...he had me pushed against a wall while he touched me....breasts, pussy, ass....his hands just went every where. When I tried to touch him he pushed my hands away. And I would try again. He finally grabbed my hair and looked at me and said "don't touch me until I say it is okay." Oh the tone. It of course made me melt into a bigger puddle of goo. He continued touching...getting a little rougher and I was extremely turned on and he could tell. He pushed me onto his bed and had me spread my legs for him. He told me how sexy I was....then he went down on me. If you have read my journal for a while you know this is not something I can relax and enjoy. And at that point in my life....Brian had been the only person that had done that. And when I tried to tell Mike no...he gave me that look like you are saying no to this. He stopped though...and asked me what was wrong. I explained to him that I had not had much experience with men doing that. And that I was nervous. He told me to shhh and said relax and enjoy.

I couldn't really. Still have that problem today. But many things he did felt wonderful. And after a while I begged him to fuck me. And something I still remember to this he got a condom out. See most of the men I was with didn't seem to was before all the preaching of safe sex. The only thing that worried me often was getting pregnant but usually the desire for sex made that worry escape my mind unfortunately. Mike stopped put a condom on and then fucked me. I don't think I mentioned in the other post...Mike was very well....umm big. Not only long but thick too. And so when he slide into hurt. He was very slow and gentle though as obviously had experience with sex hurting the girls he was with. So he slowly worked me up and soon I was taking it all. And it was marvelous. He really was aware of my body...and you could see where he wanted to create certain reactions. He wanted to set the move up and have me react a certain way. And he did it.

Often what would happen with men...before him and with Don that they they would get so turned on that they would forgo the "plan" and just do what they wanted because well they were horny by that time. Mike paced it through. He wanted it to go a certain way and he made sure it did....all the way to the end.

He did just the perfect amount of pain mixed with the pleasure for me. And it was an incredible experience. After, we laid there and talked and cuddled and again kind of new things for me. It was more tender and sweet. We didn't just talk sex when we were together. He seemed interested in getting to know me. All very different for me.

I knew it was getting late and Don would be expecting me to report in. He told me that he was enjoying our time together and looked forward to the next time. He also told me that I better study...he had given me a couple of little assignments to help me remember the things he was teaching me.

As I left his room I realized I was falling for him.

So I went to Don's room....

I entered his room and could see that he was ready and waiting for me. He had his boxers on but was hard. He sat on his bed and motioned for me to come over. He had me lay across his lap as he leaned against the headboard. I did as he told me too. He lift my skirt and rubbed my bottom and then told me to tell him about the evening. As I told him about the evening he used some wooden spoons and a paddle on my ass. When I would not give as much detail as he wanted he would hit me harder. He told me that he didn't know why Mike went down on me. Basically humiliating me by reminding me that I had been with quite a few men and I was "a dirty whore." The things he said although humiliating turned me on. I got extremely turned on and all I could think about was giving him a blowjob. I wanted him in my mouth. I begged to have him in my mouth...and he drug me to position between his legs so I could suck on him. It was one of those blow jobs where I just was lost in it. It went on for a bit before he moved me so that I lying on my back...and he fucked my mouth. And how he was on top of me I couldn't move. I just laid there while his cock went in and out of my mouth and down my throat. He knew I liked being with Mike and he called me a whore and then spit on my face. He kept saying more dirty things to me and would spit on me every once in a while. I had spit all over my face...dripping...I felt used and like nothing....just this thing to use for sex. He came down my throat. I started to gag and he laughed at me. After he pulled out of my mouth...he took me by the hair and drug me off the bed. He told me I was lucky to be in his bed that long. I started to wipe the spit off my face. He told me no to keep it there. He asked if I was horny. I nodded. He then had me masturbate for him. I never had masturbated in front of anyone before. I started to do it and he would ask me questions about Mike as I masturbated. Just as I was getting close to cumming he asked me I liked being with Mike...I said yes and he told me to stop masturbating and to take away my hands.

He gave me all the talk of how lucky I was to be with him and that I didn't deserve to orgasm because he was way to nice to me. He had me go wash up and come back - before I left he ordered me to masturbate 3 more times before I saw him the next day -- but not to orgasm and if I did that I would be punished.

To be continued....

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