Wednesday, February 15, 2006

not enough...

somedays i dont' feel like i am enough. and i have felt like that the last 2 days. sometimes i wonder why he wants me as his slave.


  1. danae,
    Your blog post seemed so sad. I can relate to some of what your feeling. I am having of my own thoughts today. I hope your feeling better soon

  2. danae: i'll tell you what Master tells me when i'm wondering similar types of stuff: "because if i didn't want to be here, if i didn't want you as my slave, i would not be here. that simple." then he goes on to add (and this bit just applies to me) "as much hassle as you give me, do you honestly think that if i didn't want to be here, i wouldn't be?"

    those two, in combination, usually shut me up pretty quick. :))



  3. keth is right, it's the same answer i get from Master when i have those feelings. They don't HAVE TO stay with us and keep us as their slaves... we're not "a job", we're their creation, their corner of Paradise in Earth.

  4. Because he loves and cherishes you.

    Don't doubt him by putting yourself down, please.

    Warm hugs and tender thoughts for you.


  5. Look into his eyes. that should be all the answer you need.

    Hugs n Kisses

  6. Because you're absolutely wonderful, even if you don't feel that way right now.

    And what matters is that he does want you as his slave.

  7. Knowing the depths and the darknesses to which, sometimes, we banish ourselves... do not lose yourself in the forest, learn what lessons there are and then come back out into the light.

    gentle hugs,

  8. *hugs* sweetheart...he wants you because you are you...wonderful and amazing and beautiful...always...

  9. Oh, danae. You are a wonderful person. I'm sorry you are going through this moment. I also want to thank you for sharing the History posts recently. That had to have taken quite a lot out of you to write it all out. You always give me something to think about. I miss you, chickadee.

  10. I've had days like that myself, recently actually.

    And I try to remember what my Papi told me ages ago when I was putting myself down: "I chose to be with you, and I did so because you're wonderful and precious and beautiful, inside and out. Doubting yourself means you're doubting me and my choice and my opinions. Putting yourself down is directly an insult to me. Just as you would never really insult me, you're not to do it through questioning your worth. Your worth and value are never in doubt."

    I don't know if his words to me can be meaningful to someone else, but if not, have some hugs for good measure :)

  11. Thank you everyone for your kind comments and support! Master of course said when he read it the thing he has always said and much of what was said in these comments....that if he didn't want me he wouldn't have me here. And that he feels I am doing a good job as his slave and if I wasn't we would be discussing it. Which of course I know...but at that moment of course I didn't come to it on my own.

  12. Chelle, I miss you too! I think of you often! The posts are taking some out first I didn't think it would but how silly I was to think that! This past week I had a slight melt down on it. I am glad I have given you things to think about. Maybe one day we can catch each other on yahoo and you can share some of your thoughts. Thank you for your comment!


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