Monday, February 06, 2006

Avoiding Migraine....with thoughts of Guilty Pleasures

Migraines - This is the main reason I have not been blogging lately. I have been suffering with migraines one and off for a week tomorrow. Master left to go out of town Sunday and was actually contemplating not going because I had such a horrible migraine the day he left he was worried about leaving me alone. Today I spent all day trying to keep it at bay. It seems I finally have gotten it calmed down and so I didn't want to do anything that would make it spike as after having such a bad migraine...means anything a day or 2 after can trigger it and pull it back into a worse one.

Project Runway - The time I did spend online today was spent looking at any website I could find that had anything about the show. It is down to 5 now and so this next week will be very interesting I suspect. My favorite designer....well I go between Chloe or Daniel V. I am thinking Daniel V is going to be the winner though. He has won 4 challenges. I still think back to those first episodes where Santino was so cocky..and he still is but I remember when he felt he would win all the challenges and now look at him. They criticize him every week....I actually parallel that to Wendy...every week they criticized her last season but she made it to the final 3. Only difference now I believe Santino has talent and I don't think Wendy does. I don't see her as creative as the others.

So some links that I came across in my surfing....
Lot 8 - Chloe's store in Houston, TX
Houstonian Struts Stuff In 'Project Runway' - article on Chloe Dao
Runway Success - an interview with Jay from first season
Geek Designer Wears Tech Well - article on Diana Eng -- I liked her. Didn't always like her clothing but I liked that she had concepts behind them
Daniel Franco - I really like some of his drawings...especially for the Garson collection. Don't like the design of the website though.
I never saw the "wrap-up" for Season 1 where they answered questions that the audience provided. But I guess they are doing it again this season. Here is where you can ask your question of the cast.

After reading the article about Chloe....where she mentioned growing up watching Style with Elsa Klensch on Saturday mornings and that brought me back. Because I did the same thing and I would often sit with a sketch book in front of me and draw either designs I saw that I liked or be inspired by a piece and draw something of my own. I had forgotten all about that though until reading she watched Elsa too. I know I still have some of those sketches around here somewhere.

Alias - I had been watching them on TNT. I became hooked. I had never watched it when it was regular network tv. Anyway, they stopped airing them on TNT in the middle of season 3. So I netflixed them. Any one that does not want spoilers for season 3 please skip to next section even though I am going to be very maybe not even spoiling anything. Okay so -- I am little annoyed with some "details" -- I can't stand it when tv shows mention something in one episode and then seem to forget they did. I didn't like it when it happened on Buffy and they really to me did a great job of remembering the details and using them in the show. So okay the end of "Taken" in season 3 of Alias, Jack hears Lauren say something that proves something about her basically. But now in the next 2 episodes it is like he didn't even hear that. That irritates me. It is not brought up at all. It seems like that has happened quite a bit on this season. And those little details - to me - make a show. A few other random thoughts about Alias...I like Marshall Flinkman -- he is funny. I liked in industrial punked out look of Vaughn in "Unveiled" when they are in Berlin. He normally isn't someone I drool over but in that episode -- yummy! And Lauren was hot in that one too. Sark is the one I usually drool over...but this season I haven't drooled over him as much as the last season. Jack...yum! The episode where Marshall is showing off pictures of his baby son and shows one to Jack. The look on Jack's face is great. And all he says is "cute" and hands him back the picture like "why are you showing me a baby picture...I am Jack...the man that kills men with my bare hands and has no worries doing so."

800 thread count! I get little shivers of goodness all down my body when I think of them.

Shoes - Violet Velvet Ballerina Slipper - Rocket Dog ´Mai Tai´ Flat - Suede & Leather Pump

Oh and Master and I got mail love anniversary card! It was very sweet and pretty!

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