Thursday, February 23, 2006

Guilty Pleasure.....TV

If you don't want to here spoilers to last night's Project Runway please skip this entry.

Firefly - I am rewatching the series again....there is only one episode in which I don't watch every time I rewatch the series and that is Bushwhacked. The episode makes me a little uneasy and frankly has given me nightmares before too. I think it is a good one just bothersome to me at times. Other times I can watch it no problem...usually has to be in the daylight though. I really don't have any episode that I don't like...even though Our Mrs. Reynolds has parts that just make me want to gag - those in which Saffron is being so subservient to the Captian. Disc 3 is my favorite - Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories and Trash. Out of Gas has to be my favorite though as it goes into the background of how the crew came to be on the ship.

Project Runway - Last night was the reunion show. I really wish they would make it 2 hours. They only asked (I think) 3 viewers questions and I know there had to be ton more then that. They never cover enough for me. I mean I would love to hear how each of them feel after this experience and did it help them in their careers and passion for fashion.

I loved the little clips they put together though -- such as: Santino doing Tim, them singing (especially Daniel F song by Nick and Santino), and the one with Andrae and all his expressions. They were my favorites.

Daniel creeped me out with the I love you! Zulema was a bitch...she was so aloof sitting back in her chair with her arms cross a lot of the time..she didn't want to be there. Guadalupe Vidal was on drugs! She was way out there. When they asked what they were doing now....and Heidi Standridge said that she was contacted by someone to be their head designer made me a little uncomfortable because she jumped up and was too eager to say what she was doing. And of all the people there she was one I wasn't really interested in knowing what happened with her. I wanted to know what Andrae was doing. Nick talked about teaching once so he must be like a Tim somewhere. Heidi Klum did a cute line about the Barbies - she said they "sold like bagels" (instead of hotcakes) I wanted one of the Barbies too but Daddy said no!

I was telling a friend who is obsessed with PR also and said that this years designs to me seem more lackluster then last season. No one seemed to step outside the box and really go for exceptional.

Daniel Vosovic - Him and Chloe are my favorites. He is such a cutie. My favorite of his designs: Inspiration, All Dolled Up, and Social Scene. Really I liked almost all of his designs.

Nick Verreos - I think that everyone seems to like Nick. Him and Andrae seem to be the ones most like by the cast. I am so glad he was able to design a dress for the red carpet. Favorite designs: Social Scene and All Dolled Up

Santino Rice - I really don't think he focuses on the woman in the clothing. He just makes his creation as art instead of something wearable. Favorite designs: very first one - Road to the Runway

Kara Janx - I really wish she would have stepped outside the box. Favorite designs: very first one Road to the Runway and then the one she did for the makeover Santino. It isn't something I would ever buy anyone but it fit Santino.

Chloe Dao - She is one of my favorites. Again they didn't spend enough time talking to her in the reunion episode. I liked all her designs. It is hard to chose favorites with her designs as I just like them all...favorites: Road to the Runway and Social Scene.

Kirsten Ehrig - She only had 2 designs and I didn't like either.

Raymundo Baltazar - He only had 3 designs and I really didn't like any of his either.

Daniel Franco - I really kind of like all his designs but my favorite of his was the first one for Road to the Runway

Guadalupe Vidal - I have to say I kind of like all her designs. They are all different. My favorite of hers were the Road to the Runway and All Dolled Up

Marla Duran - I don't know if she has a vision of her own. If she does it didn't seem to come through on the show. My favorites of her designs: really only the Road to the Runway

Diana Eng - I really liked her because she had vision and concepts behind her designs. Although I didn't seem to care for her designs after she executed them. The only one I really liked was All Dolled Up

Emmett McCarthy - I thought he was a nice guy. I didn't really like any of his designs though. The one that I did like is the one he did with Chloe...for Window Shopping.

Zulema Griffin - I didn't really like any of her designs.

Heidi Standridge - she only had the one design and well I didn't hate it but I agreed with Kors that really take away the lace and ribbon and it was just a simple dress that we can get anywhere. She didn't do anything with the fabric.

John Wade - Again he only had the one design and well it wasn't something to stand out really to me. Although looking at some of his designs online I believe he probably could have done better. I do think it should have been Heidi and Kirsten off that first episode and not John. He should try to pull a Daniel next season as I think he does have talent.

Andrae Gonzalo - He was a favorite of mine just because he was so silly with his expressions and such. I was sad to see him go. At first I thought I wouldn't like him because of his crying in the 2nd episode. My favorite of his designs: Social Scene and Inspiration


  1. I'm so glad you wrote about Project Runway! I'm an addict too, but I missed it last night. My friends and I usually get together and watch it and compare, we definetly were going with Daniel and Chloe. I was sad to see Santino in the final three though

  2. I was sad to see him in the final 3 also but this 2nd to last episode my heart strings tugged for him even though he did things that annoyed me too. And his collection looks amazing.


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