Wednesday, February 08, 2006

History: Don & Mike Part 1

If you don't know anything about Don please read the post before this one to help you understand that part of my life more.

Okay so today I was thinking about Don...and thinking of a specific time with him. The end of the semester was coming...and so finals were going to be coming up. I am horrible with math and science. I was talking Biology that semester and totally lost. Don and all his roommates were med students so good with science. Don told me that I would be studying with one of his roommates -- someone we both worked with also. His name was Mike. He was very handsome. Actually way more my type then Don. So the first night we studied together went great. He explained things in a way that just clicked for me. I was to study every night that week with him (except one where I worked). Okay the second night I was to study with Mike in his room at the house. I stopped in to see Don first as I was told to do....he said to me that as a thank you for Mike helping me that evening I should give Mike a blowjob. I was shocked by what Don was telling me to do. I was embarrassed too. But I of course was going to obey even though I was scared. He told me what he wanted to happen and to come back to his room after we were done. Mike and I studied and then I told him thank you and reached over and put my hand on his crotch...rubbing my palm against him. I felt him start to get hard right away. As I rubbed him I told him I would like to thank him for all he was doing. He put his hand behind my neck pulled me to him and kissed me. He kept ahold of my neck he guided me to my knees in front of him. I unzipped his pants and went down on him. I loved the way he sounded when he came and how he reacted durnig the blowjob. After he was smiling and told me I was good. He hugged and kissed me and thanked me for the nice present.

I felt different with him then with Don. He was strong and dominant. I knew that with how he acted. But it was different then Don...more tender I guess. Although that tenderness is not coming in what I am writing I am sure.

After I went to tell Don that I did what he told me too. He seemed surprised. He got out some toys...a belt, nipple clips, and crop. He had me undress and kneel before him. He did something we had not really played with at this point....edge play...breath play. He looped the belt around my neck. It felt odd and cold around my neck. He then put the clamps on my nipples. He sat in front of me...just in his robe. He told me to describe what I did. He pulled on the belt a little making it snug around my neck. I described what I did in detail for him. I saw that his cock was getting hard. At one point he grabbed me by the hair and said, "you enjoyed it...didn't you, slut?" He pulled on the belt a little more as he asked me. I felt it tightness around my was different and exciting. It caught me by surprise and then I was caught with...not really knowing how to answer the question....what was the "right" answer. He released my hair and slapped me across my face because I didn't answer right away. The sting on my cheek, the tightness around my neck...and the thought of the blowjob I gave Mike aroused me. I thought about how much I did like it. I liked it a lot and I liked that here I was kneeling before my boyfriend telling him the details and it was turning him on. Once I told him I did enjoy he seemed even more aroused. I think it was the first time he really saw the...slut in me. I became a slut for him in bed before...I loved the way he made me feel and the way my body responded to him. But that I obviously responded with Mike....too and that I enjoyed "doing" multiple men aroused him. I don't think he had actually been with a girl that would go that far of being with others. It was something he wanted but never had before. He saw how much I gave him....seeing him with others and accepting that is how it would be and now he gave me to another and I accepted it. I dripped with wetness from it and he grew hard....both of us feeling much it turned us on.

He pushed me down on him to give him a blow job. He tightened the belt around my neck as I gave him one. I would choke and panic and he would slap me when I fought and push me back in place often holding my head down on his cock as he pulled on the belt. I'd choke and he said it felt good. He would move between....tightening the belt...tugging on the clamps....and then finally introduced the crop...he would reach over me and swat my bottom with it while I sucked on his cock. I was moaning and aroused. He finally said something like "I think my whore wants to be fucked." I did...I wanted him to fuck me. I was so turned on. He pushed me down the bed and fucked me. We both came...hard and collapsing into each other. We laid there for a few moments...then kissed.....he kissed me hard...and deep. He told me I was his and that he was proud of me for obeying. He took the clamps off...I yelped and he slapped them...and said that he loved how I responded to pain and pleasure. And took the belt off my neck. We talked about that...he asked me how I liked it. I liked it a lot. He kissed me again and pushed me out of bed telling me to go home.

More to come....about Mike....and Don.

I wonder why some moments are so clear what happened and ask me 2 weeks from now about this...all and I won't remember it. It fades in and out.

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