Tuesday, February 28, 2006

missing the comradery

A lot of journals I read were talking about South Plains Leather Fest. It is one event I have always wanted to attend - yet it does not land in a good time of year for Master to take time off and well...spend the money on it. Reading the journals made me miss the leather community. The comradery that is there. I now live in a place where I don't have local like minded people and I rely solely on friends I have made online and real life that are long distance to have that connection to like minded folks. But sometimes I would just love the in person interaction too. At the same time - I almost get nervous with the thought of being in a leather community/around like minded folks because I feel so different and I also am much more shy then I used to be at events/meetings. So it scares me at the same time that it makes me miss it.

(the image is of the leather girl flag)

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