Saturday, February 11, 2006

History: Don & Mike Part 4 (a)

Prelude: If you have not read anything about Don I suggest going to this entry and starting with the last History Part 3 you will get an introduction to Don. These are real stories from my past. These things did happen to me.

The day was another short day for me at school and it was for Mike as well but Don had quit a few things going on. So told me that I would study with Mike after classes. I did masturbate as he instructed and almost went over all 3 times, as I was getting really turned on by the denial even.

I missed seeing Mike the day before and was really anxious to see him again. I arrived at his door nervous like it was our first date. All the butterflies were because I liked him more then I knew I should like him. I opened the door and there he was in his jeans and t-shirt....bare was wet. He had just got out of the shower just minutes before I arrived. On the bed was a box with a bow. He noticed I saw it and told me it was for me. He picked it up and handed it to me. Inside was an old ornate compact mirror. It was silver with porcelain inlay that was painted with kind of art nouveau flowers design. On the inside - there was a mirror on one side and on the other side there was inscription that was worn in places that you could barely read it. And to tell you the truth I don't remember the inscription now. I just remember it being about beauty and nature. It bothers me I don't remember it. But I didn't get to hang onto it very long.

I cried when I saw it. I couldn't believe I was getting such a beautiful gift. I asked him why and he said that he was proud of all the hard work I was doing preparing for biology. And that he had saw it and thought of me. I cried more. And told him that he shouldn't have...that it was too nice for me and on and on. He brought my face up to look in his eyes and quieted my tears and words. He said that I was beautiful and I deserved the gift. And then kissed me. It was long and deep and passionate. It made me melt. He then undressed me and went down on me again. I got close and stopped him. I told him that Don didn't want me to cum. He seemed annoyed...and acted like he was going to stop. He snuggled next to me and I told him I didn't want to stop that I wanted him to be inside me. He kissed me deeply again. Our hands all over each other. He finally reached over to his nightstand and pulled out a condom. After putting it on he slid into me slowly. And finally was fucking me deeply -- I was wanting to come so much. I was getting close and didn't wanted Mike to stop but I knew he was close. His thrusts of course increased as he neared his orgasm and so because it felt so good I couldn't hold back any longer and orgasmed. He orgasmed soon after I did. He kissed me and said he was sorry as he knew I had an orgasm. I cried. And he apologized again. I told him not to apologize as I enjoyed it and that I knew Don would be upset and I would take the punishment I deserved.

Mike sat up on bed...he said no! And I asked him what he meant. He told me I shouldn't be punished. That I was doing what Don told me...pleasing Mike. I said that it would be okay but he got angry. I said that it was just how it was suppose to be....that Don probably wanted me to fail. And so he would have got it one way or another. Mike was even more upset with that and told me to break it off with Don. I said no right away. It was like my brain could not connect that I didn't "need" to be with him. We talked some more about me being with Don and such and then he decided we should study. So we did....but not for very long as neither of us could get into it.

I went to Don's room and got ready for him. I wrote out my feelings of what happened with Mike and my feelings for Mike and Don. I then waited and waited. I feel asleep waiting....I awoke with his hand in my hair and him slapping me. He slapped me and said get on the floor. I scrambled to get on the floor. I then felt his boot hit my bottom hard...causing me to actually move forward. Tears welled up from the pain. And the fear. He threw the papers that I had written my thoughts and feelings on down on the floor in front of me. He did the thing that always looks hot in the pictures....he put his boot down on my neck pushing me forward into the papers. He said, "so you think you like Mike...." -- he laughed as he said it. He then dropped down to his knees and pulled me up by my hair to look at him....he kissed me. He kissed me deeply and said that I was his...he said it over and over again. Kissing me and telling me I was his....kissing me and telling me I was his. He then punched me in the stomach. And asked me if I was his....I said yes. He then punched me harder in the thigh and said are you sure. I said yes. He then squeezed my breasts so hard I was having problems not screaming. And he asked if I was his...I said yes. He kept asking me after each punch and squeeze and infliction of pain. He then started asking me if I would do anything for him. I said yes. He said even anal sex. I said yes. Even sleep with every guy in this house. I said yes. Even be gang banged. I said yes. Even sold to anyone who wanted to fuck you. I said yes. I said it all. He kissed me passionately then touching me softly and tenderly then. He looked at me with such care in that moment like I had just made him so proud and happy but there was also that underlining look of excitment...and sadism peeking out too. All the sadistic thoughts going through his head. All those thoughts of anal sex, me being fucked by other men and so much more going through his head. But I liked that feeling that he was pleased - proud and happy with these thoughts of me. I snuggled into his arms and he told me that I would have to be punished for the orgasm. I nodded and started to cry. He told me he would push me harder then he had up to this point. I nodded again and continued to cry and then told him how sorry I was for the orgasm. He sat and talked with me how he had thought about not punishing me but that he had said he would and so he felt he needed to follow through. We talked, kissed and snuggled for a bit before he got ready to punish me.

To be continued...

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