Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And the Day is a Fog....

Okay yes...another Firefly post but promise it is not just strictly a Firefly post. Doing a life update too. I have seen all the episodes so many times now. But I still like watching them again and again. I wish they had not cancelled it. I am thankful that my wonderful Master gave me both the DVD set and the movie Serenity for Christmas. Yay! I am watching one of the many favorites right now...."Out of Gas." I like because it goes into the background of how some of the crew came to be on Serenity.

I have my period and still feeling under the weather so I have been real weepy tonight. Crying and crying for no apparent reason. Master has been really good to me giving me hugs and kisses as well as Chinese food for dinner! I wanted to do a tarot reading on myself but I don't think I have the focus I need for it. I hate that with my period I lack focus. I feel so foggy in my brain. It is like everything is through a filter. Master was talking to me on the phone tonight about a friend of ours...and I know that I heard all of it...responded but for the life of me right now I could repeat most of it back. I hate that! That is why during my period there is usually notes all around or if Master tells me to do something that is one of those things I can do later...I usually do it at that moment or I will forget if I don't write it down. So I always go through these moments of feeling very worthless as a slave because I just don't feel like I am serving well.

Daily a daily email that I always look forward to. They have now started a sign up for horoscopes too. Mine for today kind of goes with not feeling up to par in service right now. Just a line: "You may also benefit from sprucing up your relationships as much as you spruce up your home. It may serve you best to take care of your friends and family with as much diligence as you take care of your home and possessions." Master and I spent the day getting the bedroom back in order. Moving furniture back in and putting all the odd-n-ends away. We decided to rearrange today and it feels so much better in there....less full. We have a lot of furniture in the room...and it didn't flow quite right. But now it does and so it feels much more open. It is nice.

I have a print that I bought at the Metropolitain Museum of Art when I was in NYC in 1997 (1998? can't remember the year right now) that I have never framed. It might be a section from a bigger painting by Picasso. It says "The Engraver" on it but it is 2 women lying down and the other is sitting playing a flute. The lines and colors in it...are very sensual. And it happens to go with our bedroom very nice. So I brought it out and Master says that we will take it go get it framed. And now with the room rearranged we have a place that it would look very good.

Tomorrow I hope to have a little time to do some art and finish putting things back in order as the house kind of got taken over by the bedroom so things are out of place. Oh and LAUNDRY!

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