Friday, January 06, 2006

Wrapping it up.....

I get so filled up with hope and good feelings and it seems they are deflated easily this week. I just don't feel the good feeling tonight. I feel down and weepy and I am sure it has a lot to do with my period. I was looking at a couple artists sites tonight and then I envied the talent they have...and felt even more weepy and horrible. So it just feels like one thing on top of the other today.....started right away this morning and doesn't feel like it is ending. Lets hope it leaves so the weekend is not this way.

So this is a whine whine whine post....but it felt like it needed to come out. I kept starting it and erasing it and starting and erasing. I hate when I do that.

This is my last holidalies post...what a way to end them huh? I am glad that I did the holidalies. I did at least one post a day from December 7th to today. It was interesting. I read some very interesting posts through the holidalies website. There are a couple blogs that I want to follow now after reading them through the holidalies.

This weekend I will most likely take down the holiday layout and put up either my old layout or if I get a quick creative burst for it...maybe a new layout...though I doubt it as I have lots of other things on my plate this weekend.

I do hope that everyone had wonderful holidays!

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