Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I would love to learn to knit. Every time I have looked at directions they have confused me -- especially being left handed. A while back a friend pointed me to directions that I might be able to actually follow. I just have not had time to test it out yet.

Today another friend was talking about knitting and posting images of things she wants to make. So many yummy goodies! And it made me think of a favorite folder of knitting stuff I have....occasionally I find something that I think...someday.

Sites with quite a few things I like....

elann - I think I like almost all the shawls on this one plus many other pieces
White Lies Designs - I really like the lingerie section
Marnie MacLean - I like so many things on this site but here are a few highlights - Bella Paquita, cuffs, leg warmers

Color on Color Scarf
Laced Up Tank
shoulder warmers is her whole gallery of finished works.

Sweaters, Shawls and Ponchos
Mona Poncho
Asymmetrical Poncho
Collar Royale

Skirts and Dresses
Tank and Skirt
Anna Dress

Fuzzy Feet
Valentine Heart Socks
Petticoat Socks


  1. I want to learn how to knit, too! I think I'm going to take a class cause I don't think I could teach myself....I'm going to check out your links...

  2. Oh Knitting! :D

    I wanted to learn to knit and I couldn't read those knitting books, you know? I'm the sort of person where if you show me, visually, then I get it right away.
    I can't sit and decipher descriptions of where to loop and throw, etc.

    So, I found these sites:

    They have online videos that literally show you how to begin knitting!

    I swear that I never knew how to knit, tie a knot, hold a needle, etc. and this place taught me everything to get started -- for free!

    I actually learned to start a row, count stitches, knit a row, purl and have now made several scarves, a small blanket and am working on a knit/crochet blanket (again, taught from that site!) In addition, they have a CD you can order plus they have intermediate lessons.

    Tip: start with size 6 or 7 needles and use wooden needles, not the metal ones (your hands don't get tired and it isn't as slippery to work with the yarn AND the wood is "warm" to work with).

    Also, get a knitting bag to hold the knitting needles and yarn. This should hold you to start. :)

    I started to knit to de-stress and I have turned into a knitting junkie, joining a knitting circle that meets in a knitting coffee shop near me. It is a productive way to watch TV or movies... :)

    Ok, I'll stop blathering...knitting is a texture and color junkie's crack!

    Happy knitting!

    poiesia :)

  3. Oh yes, regarding being left-handed?

    There are two styles of knitting: the English style (which I use) and the Continental style (which is how most Europeans knit). The good news is that the Continental style holds everthing in the left hand AND because it is on the left side, you can actually knit twice as fast and continuously. You don't "throw" the loops over or around the needles. I would love to learn the continental style but I've gotten so comfy with the other way that it is hard to learn the other way.

    poiesia :)

  4. I'm left-handed, I live in mainland Europe and the art of knitting (OK, I originally tried to learn in the UK) has eluded me. Luckily, my daughter can knit. So far I've been the glad and grateful recipient of two gorgeous scarves and wristwarmers.

  5. cj...I have had trouble teaching myself too! but I do hope I am able too.

    poiesia thank you thank you for the links! I have a couple people tell me that I should learn the Continental style because it might be easier for me as a lefty. Thank you again!

    orchidea, oh no on not getting knitting but i totally understand. i have tried. i have tried i have tried! LOL and failed miserably. But i still hold out hope that ONE DAY i will be able to knit! I am glad your daugter is able to knit for you though! homemade gifts from loved ones are so nice! :)


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