Tuesday, January 03, 2006


So watching Firefly....the "Our Mrs. Reynolds." It is not one of my favorite episodes, but I do like parts of it such as the "special hell" lines and the myth about the Earth and the stars. There is part where Mrs. Reynold's is overly eager to "please" Mr. Reynolds. And for some reason the whole thing makes me want to gag. But all of the things she does I have done multiple times....make dinner, wash feet, get drinks, be a companion and so on. Serving and being pleasing.

I wonder why it bothers me so then? Unless maybe I just see the act. Maybe that is the escort in me as I see that she is not really truly wanting to be pleasing. She is doing it as an act to get the end thing she wants/needs. As an escort I had to put the happy face on even when I was not wanting the "date" - but did it so that they had a nice time and I got paid....plain and simple.

Anyway, just my 2 cents on Firefly tonight.


  1. it's been a while since i started reading your journal and now i just want to say "hello!" and wish you and your Master a ery happy new year! hugs from Italy

  2. Oooh I've yet to see any of Firefly.


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