Monday, January 02, 2006

Life update

Okay so this is going to be a blah blah blah blah post....

Today didn't go how I was intending at all. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish today and even emailed myself the list so that I would have it in my face this morning. Well what happened is the email didn't get opened and the list did not get even touched. And I won't be able to touch it tomorrow either.

I have fairly severe allergies and we have a cat that has allergies too. Today we realized a problem we had after Thanksgiving could be a reason that our allergies have been so bad. Because of that we decided to steam clean the bedroom carpet. So that meant deciding if we were going to rent or buy a steam cleaner and empty the room. The room is mostly emptied...the bed, some clothes, the cage and a little shelving unit still in there. This afternoon we brought our cat in for an allergy shot as he has pulled all the hair from his skin under one arm and chewed at it so it was bleeding. After that we dropped him at home and went and priced and checked out steam cleaners at various stores. Tomorrow morning I have a doctor appointment and then will go buy a cleaner. After reading reviews online tonight of different models....I found the one that I think will best suit our needs.

So that is why my list was not touched. And that I doubt it will be touched tomorrow as we will be steaming cleaning the bedroom. It will be nice to have one so that I can keep up on it throughout the house cutting down on some of the allergy problems. My parents come in a couple weeks so I would like to have the whole house done before they arrive.

Nothing exciting to write about.....I have been sick so Master and I have been relaxing and allowing time for me to get better. He needed time to relax as well and slow down from busy work and the holidays. Even though we would have liked to play - I can't whine about it -- I know that everything is working out for the best right now. I have long accepted that my life in service and slavery to Master is not about the SM and sex.

I started on with a livejournal project called embodiment. It is a paper journal one page a day. I am doing an art journal of sorts. Yesterdays entry was a picture of Buddha and the words..that I want to be my themes for the, gratitude, love, peace, hope, laugther. I made the journal to be very vanilla as I suspect I will be showing it off to people that don't know about my lifestyle. Anyway, those topics are still service and M/s oriented for me. I want to have more faith in the everyday simplistic nature of serving as I should be very grateful for them. I want more laughter in our lives this year then last as this last year seemed hard on many ways - health issues, family issues, work stresses and so on. I want to take away more peace from my service to Master. I want to wrap around me the everyday-ness of it. And see the calm and peacefulness in it. I do many of these things normally but I feel since this summer they got away from and so I want to slow down meditate more and focus on my service more. Make myself more aware of it...instead of just the muscles moving and doing them.

So I guess I didn't do a blah blah blah post well not as blah blah blah as I thought it would be....

Need to get to bed as we will be up and out of here early!


  1. danae, again your words sync with where life and my mind seem to be. No play here as once again, health issues preclude the sex and SM part of life, and it devolves down to service and trust, respect and obedience, love and faith in what brings us to one another and this place together. Still, we find the new year comes in with laughter and the joy of being with one another, and that the foundation of our life together remains even when our "hungers" must be banked for the time being.

    Thank you for "blah-ing" for us both today. I hope you are feeling better soon.


  2. Not a blah-blah post at all. Your list may not have gotten touched but it isn't like you were sitting around eatting bon-bons. Besides taking care of the carpet is more important to your health, your master's health, and the health of your pets. Just say that got bumped to the top of the list and call it a day! Hope today leaves you feeling more accomplished and maybe some relaxing/fun too.

  3. what's the livejournal project? I'm sorry you and kitty are sick... I hope steam cleaning helps.


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