Sunday, January 08, 2006

Migraine...Busy Week Ahead....

So yesterday I was hit with the migraine from hell.....I was very close to having Master bring me to the ER. I hate when it is like that. Then of course today was spent trying not to make it flare up again. We did get all the Christmas decoration down and put away so that is good. I was very appreciative of Master's help with it. This week will be very busy for me as my parents are coming to visit next weekend. And I have tons to do before they get here. Master and I kind of planned out what we will do while they are here. Dad wanted to go our favorite winery again so we are thinking of doing a whole winery tour type thing the first day. The second day we might take a day trip. And then third will be left for shopping as I know my Mom will want to go shopping while she is here. We have a really pretty downtown with wonderful little gift shops and art galleries. I didn't know what I was going to make for my Dad's birthday cake but a good friend helped me out with that so now that is decided.

I have been trying to decide what things I need to move or change to parent-proof the house. Most of my lifestyle related books will probably just stay on the bookshelves in the bedroom. But the toys and such will be put away. My Mom is not a snoop but she is at the same time. She likes to look around -- but not go through drawers or such but if I give her time alone she would go into our bedroom and look at the bookshelf. When they were here last every time she headed that way I asked her what she needed...usually it was a magazine as I am a magazine I finally just brought my magazine rack from the bedroom out to her. I also need to think about if I need to move all my tarot, new age and buddhism books as I don't want to get questioned about them again. My Mom once picked up my Osho Zen tarot set that I was given as a gift....and said she felt they were evil. So that is why I wondering if I should clear those off my I know the might be checking email and such while here from my computer.

It sucks having to hide those things because I don't want to get into it for the one millionth time. The books on bondage and fetish photography in our bedroom would go over better then the books on Buddhism and Tarot.

Well I am going to sign off and go work on some art things. I have lots of things to send off this week.


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