Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Top 5 Meme....Answers Part 2

JeN asked Top 5 places to visit:
These are all places I have never been to and would like to visit
1. Ireland
2. Seattle
3. Italy
4. Japan
5. Amsterdam

Taylor asked Top 5 women who have been influential in your life:
I pondered this last night and this morning and I can't say that there is really anyone that has been someone who has totally been influential in my life. I can't even say my parents have influential in my life as I am so different from my family. I wonder what that says about me that I can't say I have 5 women who have influenced my life. I have had people who have helped me get through hard points in my life, people who have helped me sort things out, and then those who I admire. And maybe that is what influential means but I guess I see it as a person that has had such a great impact on your life that you change who you are....but most of the people I am going to list just helped me be me more.

So those women that I admire and who have helped at significant points in my life...going to be more then 5 because kind of grouping them together...

1. Morgan
2. Shelly and Sherry go on this same line. They were with me when I went through all the flash backs with Don. And I am sorry for how things ended with them.
3. DM - helped me in many areas
4. Jade, Jen, Annissa and Kaylee - I admire through their service oriented mindsets - their dedication and devotion
5. family...not just this group it is my Mom and sisters but also Moni, Nuala, Lisa, Lauren, Jackie, Honey...there long term...always going to be a part of each other.

Luna asked Top 5 guilty pleasures:
1. Project Runway
2. See music in part 1 of this meme - 70's and 80's music
3. Chocolate
4. trashy bodice ripping harliquin type book that can be read in one sitting snuggled under a blanket ( big plus if the heroine gets kidnapped)
5. doodling

more to come...

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