Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Home Corners

My Mom is a total social butterfly. She has a huge group of friends. So when I was getting married, I had many showers for my wedding. My 2 favorite showers were the time of the day shower. Everyone was assigned a time of the day and had to bring something that went with that time of the day. And then the other shower I enjoyed was a kitchen shower - which everyone had to bring a recipe and either a food item or utensil that would help in making that recipe. And then they also contributed to a group gift which was all things kitchen. And then included a recipe box...not the one in the picture. The reason I am telling this story is the recipe on top of my current recipe box is one from that shower. And I still have most of those recipes that were given at that shower even though some of them oh my....ewwww!

The recipe basket my Mom gave me and I know the little tag is crooked but no matter how often I get it even it slips so I just leave it now. The recipe basket is a Longaberger basket. It matches my Mom kitchen really well but I was commenting how much I liked it on visit and a few months later she sent it to me with some recipes in it.

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  1. Greetings danae,

    i always enjoy reading your blog ~smile~ When i loved in Ohio i remember drviing past the Longaberger basket site, shaped like a HUGE basket ~smile~... Lovely share, Thank you!


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