Thursday, August 09, 2007


I started to re-read To Love, To Obey, To Serve by Vi Johnson. The first line of the books says she has been told she lead a "VERY strange life."

It brought me back to when I lived in Cleveland. I was told often that I lead a strange life. But it was often said in this wide-eyed wonder & curiosity.

Vi goes on to say the person who is living their own story views their life as normal. And that is how I felt. I always was kind of shocked when I got questions or comments.

  • Owned at 18 - heavy sm, control, traded/lent, gang bang....and many more experiences.
  • Morgan - my love
  • Dated my ex-husband 6 years.
  • Married to him for 7 years - a power based dynamic without the words associated....kinky sex too.
  • Separation - dating, exploring D/s as a lifestyle
  • Move from Kansas to Ohio
  • slave in a poly household
  • became an escort
  • owned an escort agency
  • MC - someone I was involved with who was into heavy SM
  • Master - owned - moving to Colorado

Of course there are many things I am leaving out. They are just a few highlights. When I read it, it was normal for me at that time. I know after being Masters for so long my life has quieted down in a different way. I am a slave and live a life that is not "normal" to some. But it is very normal to me. It feels right for me.

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