Friday, August 31, 2007

It's FRIDAY! yay!

Master comes home tonight!
It will be late but I am just happy he will be home! He has to go back just for a few days next week so I will be going with him.

The house is clean. I have to wash the kitchen floor though and I might change the sheets on the bed even though I just changed them Tuesday. Oh and I need new towels out in the bathrooms.
I would really love to know what mop people us in their homes? Do you like your mop?
I HATE the mop. I do better getting on my hands and knees and washing the floor but my knees really do have problems taking that.

I am trying to decide if I should make some brownies or something for Master. Tomorrow he has fantasy football draft so I know he will be sitting at his computer for most of the day. I have stuff for nachos to be made and maybe brownies would be good as they are his favorite. While I was out the other day, I got him a little present too (which was a very odd experience being out and buying something without asking - I knew he would be okay with me buying what I was though since it was just a few little things) I also got a couple more things that I am going to save for stocking stuffers - my first purchases for the holidays. The same day I called him while he was out shopping. I said, "what are you shopping for?" And he said "nothing" which is code for "it is something for you." Later he told me that he was getting something for me.

I am SO excited he will be home! yay! yay! Doing a little dance in my chair right now! Little tingles of happiness!

I started in on a topic that I have been thinking about quite a bit this week....and that is why I have such dark heavy SM thoughts when Master is out of town. But I started rambling and not making much sense so cutting it from the entry but I did save it so I can maybe look at it later this afternoon or this weekend.

Well I am going to go do my daily chores and the few extra I want to do...oh and make brownies. Now wondering if I should go get some ice cream and hot fudge. Brownie sundaes are one of Master's favorite desserts. I will ponder that while doing my chores.


  1. I agree on the mop thing. I have tried so many and can't find one that works the way I like. I've resorted to hands and knees cleaning to. I hope someone does have a good one to recommend though.

  2. Me too... I know T uses one of the Swiffer thingys, but I've never found anything that works as well as plain old hands and knees scrubbing... So, old lady knees and all, I'm still on the floor with my bucket and my bar rag...


  3. The comments over on my livejournal for this have been mostly swiffer or hands and knees too. And like you, swan, I haven't found the swiffer works as well as hands and knees either. It is good for touch up work during the week like spilling coffee on the floor but for deep cleaning corners and scrubbing it just doesn't cut it for me. And then I have a foam sponge head mop and I feel I need to replace it almost once a month for it to work effectively but I think that is waste of money and just waste having all those used mop heads in the garbage. But my knees can't handle once a week scrubbing.

    On my lj kaya posted this one that she sounds like it holds up much better then my foam head mop. (kind of like this one)


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