Monday, August 13, 2007

Positive Monday + Labeling

I had a migraine today so I needed to do mindless task. So I labled/tagged over 300 journal entries. I am not even NEAR done but I would like them all labeled eventually. It would be nice so that I can find things easier.

5 Good Things in Life...
1. Master always taking such good care of me....making sure I rested, getting us dinner and making things easier for me with my migraine.
2. Library books! I am reading The Lovely Bones right now and it is very good.
3. Water....I am grateful for water as I have been drinking a lot today
4. Airborne - I felt like I was getting a cold and been taking it and those symptoms seem to be getting better
5. That Jessica is back...I missed her.

Adding this link....a girl that has an iPhone got her first is 300 pages long.


  1. danae,
    i like the new format on "Within Reality" but this light type on the green background is very difficult to read.

    i enjoy your blog and hope you're feeling better.

  2. His girl, I am wondering if you have your monitor on a different brightness/contrast setting. As the background is a offwhite and the text on the website is a dark blue almost navy blue.

    I am glad you enjoy my blog and I am feeling better...thank you!

    ~ danae


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