Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Zeppo

So the last few days I have been feeling down. Just feeling blah and sad. But really everything is going pretty good. Master has been busy with work. I have helped him out a little and then doing things around the house. We have been busy and productive and even had quite a bit of time for kinky fun things!

My bottom gives little twinges of pain when I sit down. I don't bruise or mark easy on my ass. And even with the playing this week there are no marks but obvious bruising under the skin because it hurts in places on my ass. You know telling a sadist where it hurts...of course makes him find many times throughout the day to poke and smack me on the tender bits.

Tonight is the Farmers Market so we will be picking up some fresh veggies..tomatoes and peppers I want the most. During the summer months main street is blocked off one night a week and then vendors set up tents and sell their goods. Most of it is fresh veggies and fruit. But there are things like chefs cooking with fresh produce. And then homemade good like soaps, metal or woodworking for sale. And there is always music...usually one or more bands or musicians set up for the evening.

Oh speaking of produce...we went to Sam's the other day. And we picked up a really big container of organic spring salad mix. It was much cheaper then buying the bagged ready to eat salad mix from the grocery store. And really I felt it was cheaper then buying all the things that would go into it making it from the different types of greens. The container is really large and packed really well. It doesn't have lots of air packed in it to make it look like a lot of greens. There is so much more in it then what we get with bagged. Plus this was so fresh, pretty, tastes great and it is organic! It is by Earthbound Farms.

Master installed a new shower head this past weekend. And it is going to make me look into remodeling our bathroom fairly quickly as the water sprays up on to the wall paper above the shower stall. I have always wanted to paint the bathroom and Master has been okay with that. It will be a lot of repair work though to the drywall and such so - I know I need to start researching on what exactly I will need to do to make it happen.

Daily Tarot Cards

Tuesday: Ace of Cups
Wednesday: Justice
Thursday: Death

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