Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tony Ryan

I was over at Atlanta Bondage last night...I always enjoy the images he posts. He had one from Tony Ryan...and it brought me back years and years ago...1998 maybe 1999. I used to chat with Mr. Ryan - it is so funny because Master and I were just talking about him a few weeks ago when Master got a new palm....and yes Palm and Tony Ryan do connect for me but in a way that would take too long to explain - lol. Anyway, Tony Ryan and I were both on a B&W Erotic photo group. He enjoyed the images I shared and so we started emailing and then chatting via im. He used to have a website - Beauty-Reality but it has not been online for quite sometime. I wonder what happened to him. I see his photos from that time period on the web but nothing really past 2001.

(image by Tony Ryan - Nellie & Hannah - 1995)


  1. That is a beautiful picture!
    padme amidala

  2. Yes, very sexy photo and Interesting story/connection.

    I searched and couldn't find much online about Mr. Ryan. Usually I link to the artist when I use their work.

    What was pretty anonymous to Me when I posted suddenly became 2 degrees of separation. It is a small world after all.


  3. padme amidala, I am glad you liked the picture. I used to dream about it a lot. The wetness on their bodies...the touch....just seemed to get into me. *hugs*

  4. Sir, it is a small one thing sparks another. I do wonder what happened to him. I enjoyed my conversations with him as well as his photography.

    I am was trying to find one of his works that was a girl with one of her wrists up in a cuff...hanging on a wall. She is sitting on the floor and her other hand is wrapped around a big slurpee type of cup that she drinking from. I think it was by him. I thought I had it in my collection and was going to post it as well as the Nellie and Hannah picture but I couldn't find it. Maybe I will go through my back up disks and see if I can find it. I don't know why but that picture always amused me.

  5. I'm so glad I ordered his book from him. It was his work that started my dreams of being a photographer back in the mid 90's. And he even sent me personal thankyou. He was such a cool guy. That was 2 years ago. I also have a couple of his prints on my wall. People always comment on them. Probably because his work is genius, even though he is exceptionally modest.

  6. I am still alive and lives on I promise you.

    Thanks for the attention.



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